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Total Helicopter Realism--more realism to chopper flying

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Recently got back into choppers again, especially with Orbx NW scenery lending itself to great NOE flying.Cera 222 is a great model (too bad they're closing shop) but more recently bought the $21 Area 51 OH51D Kiowa and what a joy it is to fly this bird. What makes the Kiowa great is the external model (coolest looking chopper) and decent VC. VC has no system depth but with some mods, it's not bad for flying and looks pretty good and frames are obviously excellent.FDE of the product seems be the same as the FSX default B206 so it was definilty lacking but over at hovercontrol.com, I was able to get this awsome chopper flight physics engine--THR v1.5--that makes FS chopper flying "more realistic" with torque induced yaw, ground turbulance, vortex ring state, etc. The physics engine also has automatic flight control system (stability assist) and autohover for use with modern choppers.Configuring the Kiowa over several days, I was able to right the hover pitch, make it feel close to a updated FDE mod posted at hovercontrol, and up the weight/fuel/engine rating from the 206 base model.Ok, I need to get the full Orbx PNW for Xmas.

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