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have you updated makerwys from the link posted at the forum top and rebuilt your scenery database? (also make sure while on that support site listed in the pinned forum topic you get the current fsuipc.)Here is a trouble shooting guide. Substitute EHAM for EBBR in text below::MakeRunways 4.50 or above is the current version available from the Additional Programs link on the page listed in the pinned topic. FSUIPC 3.998d for FS9 and FSUIPC 4.734 is for FSX to be installed after installing the full packages first.When you rebuild the scenery database a log file is created in your FS folder called runways.txt. This is a large file that should be loaded in Word or Wordpad.Search for EBBR. That first section has a path pointing to the stock airport.The rest of the sections are paired with a delete section followed by an add section with each pointing to the scenery folder involved.Repeat your EBBR search. The last pair of EBBR sections is the dominant high priority scenery set which forms the data for RC. The path for each section within that pair should be to your Aerosoft scenery folder for EBBR. Any preceding sets for EBBR (except the default) might represent a conflict if they don't point to that same folder.If that is OK check in your FS folder the attributes for modified for r5.csv and note that. That should be the date/time stamp of your rebuild. Now do the same for your r4.csv file in your rcv4 or rcv4X data folder and insure they match that same rebuild attribute. This insures that the makerwys utility updated the FS folder files and that rc copied them to its data folder. RC uses the r5.csv file in your FS folder copying it as r4.csv to its own data folder. RC then creates its a4.csv from calculations on r4.csv to determine the airport center from runway placements.If RC and FS reside on the same pc, RC set to run with admin rights should execute makerwys in your FS folder. If not, you'll have to run makerwys.exe directly first in your FS folder before starting the rebuild in RC. Insure that for the RC you are running for the rebuild that you put in the correct data path for the version of FS being used.These are just checks to insure RC is getting the correct data.

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The 36's according to 2010 charts have a true course of about 3.2 degrees. The mag variation is about 8'E annually. FS9 and probably FSX shows defaults of a mag heading of 5.2 with a -2 variation and also the default only has two north south runways. They are listed as 1/19 L/R. The variation annual change would push them to 36/18. The current charts has the three north south runways.The question is how up to date is your scenery and is it correctly detected and prioritized.The procedure in my previous reply regarding the last section pair of EHAM in runways.txt will reveal the scenery path that has priority and the runway details.

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