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Performance of the NGX (SP1)

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I just wanted to pass on my thanks to PMDG for the performance optimisations of the NGX in SP1. Pre-SP1 it was a relatively hard-hitting aircraft performance-wise, with all those high res textures, displays and VC model. Post-SP1 the NGX, with lower resolution options selected, performs as smooth as butter on my modest system, with almost no stuttering, minimal (if any) mouse-lag, and smooth frame rates.I tip my hat to PMDG for taking on customer feedback and making these performance improvements. Many developers take the view that poor performance is the customer's problem and that we should simply purchase better hardware. That view is unhelpful and, in my opinion, tends to alienate a lot of customers. You guys obviously do not have that approach, and I applaud you for that. Given the complexity of the product, I think that the NGX is possibly the most optimised, best performing complex addon aircraft that I own. If your future products are similarly optimised and give us the option of scaling texture and model detail to suit our systems, I will not hesitate to purchase them.Many thanks again from a very, very satisfied customer.Regards,Justin J.

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