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  1. Thank Allen - Would you say it's comparable to the Majestic Dash 8 performance-wise?
  2. Hi Paul (or anyone else who has installed it), What is the performance (FPS) like?
  3. This is interesting as I am also looking to buy a new laptop to run my flight simulators. It would be an MSI GT72 with the 5700HQ and the 970M. I was wondering what sort of frame rates you get on your system with P3D and FSXSE, what settings you use on those sims, and whether you use complex aircraft (eg PMDG) and scenery? Also, do you run IL2 Cliffs of Dover or Battle of Stalingrad? Cheers, Justin
  4. Agreed. I need to squint a little to read my desktop. But it's worth it for the 777, right? Cheers, Justin
  5. I fixed that by changing the text size in the display setting on my windows control panel (I think it's the "Set custom text size (DPI)" option). My laptop had a default setting of 125%. I changed it to 100% and the Ops Centre stopped giving that message and started displaying correctly. Regards, Justin
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