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  1. Great, thank you for the quick reply. I will raise a support ticket
  2. Hi I am unable to open the configurator for some reason. I click on it, the egg timer runs briefly and then nothing. I tried to run as an administrator, i disabled all virus checking software and still nothing. Can you suggest what i can try to do next? Right now i have a program that does nothing. All help is appreciated! Matt
  3. For what its worth i have been struggling all along to get past about 10 hours of flight with a whole variety of different scenery settings etc to try and prevent an OOM issue. So i took a chance with DX10 and the fixer and it has helped my situation alot more than i expected. For example, if i am at Fly Tampa Montreal with 40% AI and mid setting on the sliders and high res cockpit turned off my VAS to start (with non relevant scenery turned off) is about 1.9GB. If I was in DX9 i would be touching 2.4-2.6GB VAS. This difference alone has meant that i can get over 12 hours of flight and still have about 800MB to play with if flying into Fly Tampa Dubai for example. Not suggesting that DX10 is the golden bullet but it worth a try. And with the fixer you still get the night scenery so it's a win win for me right now.
  4. BBJ versions of the NGX??
  5. Thanks you all for the help. The FMA shows LNAV but not VNAV. I think it is probably a procedural error on my behalf. I'll run through the procedure again tonight and report back just to make sure i'm not missing something. Thank you all for your timely advice. It is appreciatedthanksMatt Thierens
  6. HelloI have a small issue with the NGX post SP1C update. Before I take off I arm LNAV and VNAV per procedure and when i apply take off thrust through the autothrottles VNAV disengages just after take off. When i apply the autopilot it automatically reverts to LVL CHG mode during the climb. However I can then reapply VNAV and it works fine. Prior to the service pack i could keep VNAV active throughout the take off with no problems. The plane still handles beautifully and all other systems are working as advertised. I'm just wondering if there is something i'm not doing properly that is causing the VNAV to turn off after take off? Its not a huge issue but it would be nice to figure it out.thank youMatt T
  7. A friend of mine is a 747 FO and used to fly the 757 as PIC and he stated that greasers are not recommended as auto brakes need the correct amount of downward pressure to activate them. The first priority is to ensure you land in the touchdown zone with the auto brake functioning. A greaser may look good and be a smoother option but its not the priority
  8. Hello everyoneI installed ASA12 tonight and i have to admit its a vast improvement over ASE. I still have the abrupt weather change (in DWC mode) that some people still see but i think it may be user error. If i am flying the NGX for example what is the best way for ASA12 to handle the weather? Should i load the flight plan and then process through ASA12? Will this prevent the abrupt weather changes? What would be best practice for setting up these flights? I tried it in ASE and it looks like it works but i just wanted to see if this is how most people on here plan the weather for their flights. Still experimenting with the new version but so far its awesome and brings FSX alive in my opinion. Any thoughts on the above are most appreciated!Matt
  9. For me i have noticed better performance with ASA12. The graphics appear to be alot smoother even under heavy weather
  10. I have an i7 920 2.67ghz with a G-Force 285. I have 8gb of memory too. Its a pretty good spec. In terms of usb i have them plugged into the rear of the computer into the motherboards USB. I tried to unplug and re-plug but still the same story. I'm trying to backtrack in terms of whether i have updated any software etc but nothing springs to mind. I did update microsoft security essentials so maybe that might have something to do with it? Just seems weird that i would experience a frame rate drop when using the joystick or pedals. Thanks for your helpand its USB 2.0
  11. HelloFirstly, the NGX is awesome! However, i am experiencing intermittent frame rate drops when i use control inputs via either the rudder pedals or joystick. For example, i will be flying at altitude or taxing at the airport and if i use the rudder or ailerons to make a control input my frame rates drop at tmes up to 50%. I flew handheld into KLAX with the 2D panel the other day and it dropped to nearly 5fps at some points! I never had this problem previously with the NGX so it seems to be recent for some reason. The same approach was flown with the level-d and it they remained in the upper 20's under the same conditions! The only association i can make is the the frame rates drops considerably in some places when i try to manually fly the plane. I do use ASE and EFB so i thought it may be a simconnect issue impacting frame rates but the problems are the same even with the EFB off. I re-installed and again i still had the same issue. Could it be a USB power issue even if other aircraft do not have problem? I am just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem? The NGX is beyond awesome but i'm kinda stuck as to why i am experiencing this issue. Any suggestion woud be greatly appreciated!thanks allMatt Thierens
  12. I think 2D in an important part of complex simulations. Until such time as frame rates are on a part with virtual cockpits there will always be a demand for 2D panels. If companies are serious about developing addons then they should be listening to the customer. For this reason i really do hope that they will provde 2D panels for their 777 also because, as mentioned before, it is a very ergonmic way of flying in high intensity situations
  13. I did a full on autoland the other night with trackig afterwards. I had rollout on the PFD; not sure what other settings i had but it does work and works very well
  14. Superb, good work. Even though i am pretty much used to programming boeing FMC's through my other add ons there are some differences with this aircraft so its easy to assume that they all work the same. This will go a long way into helping to define what the differences. Thanks for your hard work!
  15. I never realised how much this plane would be; I just landed into canouan airport ( fly Tampa grenadines) which has a 4500ft runway and with the short field option installed it performed perfectly. It makes summing way more fun when you an aircraft with a mission profile such as the NGX. The BBJ version will be awesome too.I realise that typing on the iPad is rubbish hence my spelling in my last post!
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