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  1. I never knew they check for nicotine, and nicotine having effect on the plane
  2. and in the file I only have a word document with this in it, CRYP¬),`µ
  3. Im really confused on how to use the livery installer. Also when I open the file there is only a word document.
  4. in every boeing your not suppost to arm the speed brakes, I had the same trouble with the 747 and soon realized that
  5. commercial jets have gyroscopes? How I must sound stupid for not knowing that. Is navigating with magnetic course better than true course?
  6. And to figure out the LAT/LONG you need GPS right?
  7. and it changes all the time right? Why do aircraft operate using magnetic course and not true? I thought true is more reliable
  8. may I ask what the difference between magnetic and true is?
  9. Hmm lets see,AIRBUS330340319BOEING737-300737-400737-700737-800747-400777-200777-300/ERFokker70/100And GACessna152172182nJoe Barton
  10. hello what kind of planes do you fly as a pilot? And which airline?

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