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  1. This Open Beta can't work on my P3D, P3D crashes all the time with ASN installed.
  2. HasegawaKobato54

    Official PMDG 300ER Livery List

    Will you guys release the Paint kit before the 300ER release?
  3. HasegawaKobato54

    09JUN14 - PMDG 777 SP1 and 300ER updates

    RSR said "THIS WEEK", he didn't say "SOON..." It sounds just like that, haha
  4. HasegawaKobato54

    300ER Preview Livery Request

    The timeline is.... which they said they will post in this week few days ago... "At some point during this week, we will give you a release timeline for both the SP1 and the 300ER..." The 77W for CAL will be delivered in November not October. But... I don't think that they will release CAL livery... So I'm ready to copy my CAL livery for PMDG 77L to 77W when product and paint-kit is out....
  5. HasegawaKobato54

    09JUN14 - PMDG 777 SP1 and 300ER updates

    PMDG, Where is your "RELEASE TIMELINE"?
  6. HasegawaKobato54

    737-700 Paint kit problem

    But rivets are just in accurate position, if I move fuselage_2 1/2 pixels down, entire surface on fuselage_2 (ex. rivets, windows... ) all can't line up.
  7. HasegawaKobato54

    <Please delete this>

    <Please delete this>
  8. HasegawaKobato54

    737-700 Paint kit problem

    Hey guys, These days I started my livery project of JALs fleet, I decided to make a JTA (Japan Transocean Air) livery and I have an issue at final. Conjunction between fuselage_1 and fuselage_2 was just like pics at bottom of the post, is that the problem of Paint Kit? Hasegawa Kobato
  9. HasegawaKobato54

    Which livery are you wanting to fly with the upcoming -300ER?

    Yep, I painted them by myself. In fact the -300ER is my favourite type in 777 Family, so... I'm very excited about release of -300ER, and can't wait to fly that plane!
  10. HasegawaKobato54

    Which livery are you wanting to fly with the upcoming -300ER?

    I already have my JAL fleets and ready to move to -30ER, hahaha!
  11. HasegawaKobato54


    Carry 406 people in 3-class configuration for 777-9x, it can replace 747 and current 777 family.
  12. HasegawaKobato54

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    Just arrived YVR yesterday.
  13. HasegawaKobato54

    Gauge frozen in virtual cockpit

    In my case, I switch to 2-D cockpit and switch back to 3-D cokpit and it's solve!
  14. HasegawaKobato54

    PMDG 777 Liveries - Goldstar Textures

    JAL Star Jet livery please!
  15. HasegawaKobato54

    777 Community Livery Availability Thread

    If anyone possible to put JAL OC on PMDG 777? EDIT: COPYRIGHT VIOLATION