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  1. Sorry. Matt already answered my question.
  2. Good morning Does Infinite Flight follow a flight plan automaticly or not? Tried several times flying with a flight plan, but the aircraft didn't follow it automaticly. I had to set indicated HDG 1 minute before manually before reaching waypoints. Thanks for your answer. Best regards Marcel
  3. Hello PMDG teamSome news on this issue? Thanks!RegardsMarcel
  4. Good evening RobertCongratulation as new holder of 747-400 type rating!Now, do you have time for new issues? What's about to give us some informations related on this announced update for 747-400?Thanks very much!Best regardsMarcel
  5. Good eveningThanks Carl.In german forums they're talking about a new hole download with a new installation. Is that true?Where ist the announcement with the details from PMDG about this update?Thanks!Good night, sleep wellMarcel
  6. Good eveningCan somebody let me know what kind of upfate are you talking about here?A service update for the FSX 747-400?Thanks!Best regardsMarcel
  7. HiBefore approaching long final in LSZH during a flight started in LFPG the fuel indicator on FMC (INDEX PERF Fuel and weight and INIT REF total weight) started to jump betweeen the real value and different others values as 100%. What happens?Thanks for your help.Best regardsMarcel
  8. HiCan not find the liveries after installed a lot of them. Still the basic liveries there are to choice, only.Why that?Thanks for helpRegardsMarcel
  9. Good morning folksMaybe someone can answer me this 2 questions:1. Do I have select "repair" or "modify" for first installation of the liveries?2. How to start a cold and dark 747-400 FSX? Like FS9.1?Thanks for your help.Best regardsMarcel
  10. Hello LefterisSince several days I'm dayli in contact with Robert and Paul conerning my problem.My registry looks as follow:(Standard) REG_SZ (Wert nicht gesetzt)STATE REG_DWORD 0x00023c00 (146432)What exactly I have to edit now?Paul has this question, too.Thanks a lot!RegardsMarcel
  11. Hi LefterisSorry about your name. You're right, of course.Best regards!Marcel
  12. Hi LiftriesThanks a lot!! That was the solution. Can now open all 3 load mamangers again. Please inform Roberto, thats this solved. He wrote me an email a few minutes ago.For the other dll.xml (FSX) issue I'll wait like the other users, too. I was angry, beacause Ryan told me about an new installation from FS9. An in addition, english is not my mother tongue. That makes sometimes the communication not easier.Thanks again!Best reagardsMarcel
  13. Hi Leftriesa) XP SP2:( single core P4, 3.2 GHZ (HT), 2GB RAMc) FS9.1 and FSX normal foldersd) 737 NG, 747-400 PAX and 747-400 F and new FSX with 747-400 FSXThe problem is, that Paul from PMDG recommended me (in relation with the dll.mxl problem) to uninstall and re-install the FSX without FSUIPC. Not solved the problem. Here we'll wait to the news.This I did, but since the re-installtaion of FSX the 3 load managers of FS2004 (NG and both 747) doesn't find any. Yesterday Ryan said that can happens after a un- and re-installation of FSX. But nobody of you gave me before an alert of what can cause this. Now it's the only problem that the 3 load managers (FS2004) don't find a MS flight simulation with a fatal error. But I can start FS2004 und load an PMDG aircraft without problems. It's only the 3 load managers. They're still in the same folder like before. ReagardsMarcel
  14. Hi LeftriesThe problem of the support line I get one answer by day. That's now in my case (ntohing runs eather FS2004 without the connectivity of load managers now) not enough.ReagrdsMarcel
  15. Hi LefteriesThe only that I need now prior is get back the connectivity of the 3 load managers to FS2004. This by a repair software from you. Are youn in this issue?Marcel
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