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  1. Hi all, Two quick items: 1) Autocruise problem question. When I activate autocruise via the chronometer on the captain's side, the time compression starts, accelerates to 16x sim speed, but then FSX:SE automatically stops, goes black and reloads like if I were first loading into the sim. It comes back on right where I left off but at 1x sim speed. For the record, the chronometer numbers stay green as if the compression were still active but it's definitely at 1x. If I go through FSX internally and change speed to 16x it will stay....I would just love to be able to use the autocruise feature. Any recommendations or similar encounters with this issue? 2) FPS and performance...I'm running FSX:SE on a decent but not brilliant laptop. Intel i7-6700HQ quad core running 3.1 ghz, GTX 960M, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD. In the NGX VC with sliders mid-high, default scenery, frame rate unlimited, I get 35-40 FPS. In the 744v3, I struggle to consistently maintain 25. 18-23 is average. Interestingly, if I wait and let the mouse hide and use my joystick hat/EZDOK to pan around, FPS jumps to 40-45. As soon as I move mouse to interact with cockpit, it drops back to 20-25. Is this simply to be expected with the higher level of detail in the QOTSII or am I missing some potential performance I just need to adjust for? Thanks for the help and patience! Happy flying, Grant
  2. GrantWolf

    V speeds

    I had the OP's problem and this fixed it for me. Recommend check this
  3. I was wondering whether it is absolutely necessary to subscribe to AIRAC data updates (from Navigraph) if one desires to fly an FMS aircraft (like PMDG 737NGX) on VATSIM? Thank you! Grant
  4. Hi all! Hoping to hear some opinions on which heavy aircraft you prefer to use. I'm not a long-haul flight simmer; in fact, I'm pretty set on buying the 737NGX for my regular 1-2 hour short hops. But I do like flying heavy aircraft from time to time, just for the fun of flying a larger plane, even if it's a short route. Every once and awhile, I'll set up a long haul flight overnight, engage LNAV/VNAV (or just LOC in the default planes) at cruise altitude, and fly the airplane down from T/D in the morning. (So, you can see, definitely not a dedicated long-hauler! Life, to me, is too important to sit in front of a screen on cruise mode for 10 hours ) Anyway, sim philosophy aside, do you prefer the 747 or T7 as your heavy aircraft of choice? Thanks! Grant Also, on a more techical note: my system is on the lower end. Intel i-5 2.5 gHz (though I've observed it running near 3-3.1) and integrated graphics, with 6 gb of RAM. Default FSX on highest graphics, reduced traffic runs at 30fps, both in VC and outside. Are my tech specs a concern in considering PMDG aircraft? -Grant
  5. GrantWolf

    Will My System Run the NGX at a Decent Frame Rate?

    Actually, I am not planning on running any other addons besides the NGX. Going scenery crazy is not a necessity for me. I just want to have a realistic aircraft that I can feasibly fly on VATSIM. Maybe ActiveSky at some point if absolutely necessary, but certainly not immediately. I was just trying to determine by research whether or not the NGX would be a reasonable purchase with my current system, as I don't have the means to upgrade its specs. It's all about fun to me! I think I'm going to give it a go, as I've read several reports of people with similar specs whose performance with the NGX is fine, and I have had no problems to date running FSX on ultra high graphics settings. Thanks for the input all!
  6. Hi all! I'm considering purchasing the PMDG 737NGX, as I hope to add a higher degree of realism to my simulations, and want to venture into the world of VATSIM. However, I am slightly concerned about my system's ability to run the aircraft at a reasonable frame rate. I've read reports that my caliber of processor and graphics card may be unable to handle the NGX's degree of graphical complexity. I have before only used the default aircraft, and I have had my graphics and traffic sliders in the ultra high position, with few problems. The sim does not often lag. Not sure of the FPS, would have to check. Below are my system specs [not sure if its a complete list, I am not a computer expert! :-)]; any recommendations as to whether the add-on will work reasonably? Thanks for the input! Windows 8 64-bit Processor: Intel Core i5-3210 CPU @ 2.50 GHz RAM: 6.00GB (5.89 GB usable) Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 4000