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Well folks i must say i finally i beleive i have FSX where i want it .i followed all of the advice from nick,s tweaks , and other tweaks.i did a full w7 64 bit install with FSX on its own drive (1 Terra ).w7 on another drive (360 g).I made sure that nothing but FSX and associated software level d etc.Im running a 6 monitor set up with two computers.Computer 1 has FSX and all software that has to be loaded on computer 1. level d , my traffic, Gen X, Rex .Computer 2 has Radar Contact, ASE upgrade to 2012, widefs, Flightsim commander, flight calculator from aerosoft, etc.my systemTHERMALTAKE case2600k cpuim just using 4 gigs of RAm (believe it or not i get better results with just 4 gigs than putting 8 gigs in , besides im running most of my software on the second computer.gigabyte Motherboard . the cheapest one , no whistle and bells.700 power supply285 gtx 1024 vid card( this card has done well for me)two hard drives 1 terra and 1 360 gigh60 water cooling system ( this cooler is the best i have ever had , i ran a 20 hours prime test on it , never did the temps go over 50c no fooling.triplehead2go x 3 19' monitors., 1 24' monitor , and 1 15 ' touch monitor.( i must tell you once you get a touch monitor you will never go back.all five monitors run from computer 1.1 19 ' monitor is used for for all other software.all sliders are turned up except bloom.i flew a maiden flight from cyvr to seatle Wash and my frame rate never diped below 20 fps , in fact i have flown to most busy airports and frame rate is fantastic.this is where i always wanted fsx to be at.oh and after each flight and i shut down the computer for the day i run a defrag (o&o )Now the question is how to prevent from somthing going wrong and i have to load all this Crap again.Im going to clone both computers with Clone Zilla , and if somthing does go wrong and it will , i will pop in the cloned DVD,s and wala all software and computers will be put back to where i had it.in lest than an hour , i know i have done my kids computers and grandkids this way saves a ton of headaches.But bottom line is im well pleased with how its running and i want to thank all the folks out there that help me.Have a great new year..............Robert

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