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  1. Hello folks, just want to say that this program is everything a sim pilot needs. I just recently switched over from FSX of twenty years to X Plane 11 , and I must tell you I will not go back. With that said , in FSX you could magnified up-close and see all of the detail as to parking , Detailed runways, zones, fueling , tarmacs etc. But with X plane it just shows Runways and nothing else, just a white blank screen with no way of know which way to turn or go. There is no parking spots or tarmacs etc. Am I missing something. THX...……………..RobertC
  2. Thx for the reply, it has been so long ago. Version 4.3 My old address is Rdtcmtt@yahoo.com, that's the one I used when I bought RC3
  3. Hello folks, im directing this question to the forum and perhaps JD if he is reading this. Is Radar Contact still up and running. I must tell you it has been very difficult in getting a key for radar contact. In fact im still waiting on a response from JD. I have used RC for so long , its second nature to my sim. But as time goes on it has been a rough ride in getting a new key. RC is the only ATC that I use and like, but is it still up and running. For the last several months I have been using the default ATC, and I would send a request for a new key because of computer problems. So this will be the fifth or six time I have requested a key and still no response. So is RC gone or is it still around. I even tried to find a new copy of RC to download and perhaps start from scratch: even that was difficult. I hope everything is good with Mr. JD So is RC still around or do I need to Purchase another ATC program. I would hate that , because I think RC is one of the best ATC out there. THX...….……………………..RobertC
  4. Well my friend I have sent a request several times, he's just not responding. I guess ill go try another program. THX...…...RobertC
  5. Hello Folks, im wondering a couple of things. I needed to Re load RC and found a copy . But getting a key is another, have been trying for a three days and no reply. Not for sure what is going on, or if im doing it correctly. Sent JD a request with old and new address and still no reply. THX .…………………………..RobertC
  6. Well folks after years of working on my simulator thru years of tweaking FSX, a love and hate relationship. Since FSX came out in 2006, I was excited on the new just released FSX. That's when my days of headache came of years, upgrading and upgrading and tweaking just to play the sim. Finally after years of tweaking , add ons, and all kinds of solutions and fixes to play this cpu hog software. I could never seem to get a frame rate above 20 - 25, 30 , and when im down low ready to land in a busy city, it would go down to 12 -14 fps. My system is 6700k, 2TB, 1170 vid gtx,, Asus Z170 , 32 gig ram, Completely Custom water-cooled. AS16, lil nav map, Pro-ATC, My Traffic, Orbit , Steves 10 dx fixer,Etc. With all that I could never achieve a descent frame rate. Now im running two computers with five monitors, one is 42inch and the rest are two 18" , one 17" , one 15". Three on one computer and two on the other. Being totally frustrated, I decided to dump my whole system and start from ground up.. I went thru both computers and reloaded windows 10 latest version. That in itself was a whole lot of trouble. just getting W10 to work right . to get files shared was a nightmare. But I finally got W10 running just fine. All was good with the new upgrade. Now the loading of FSX. I wanted to put FSX on the main com and the rest on the client computer. All I have on the server FSX is MY Traffic, and the rest on the client thru simconnect.( which can be a bear to set up). but I finally got AS16, lil,nav map, and PRO -Atc all on my client. After many hours of setting up both coms, I cannot believe the results . in fact I still cannot believe my frame rate. I have several planes that I have flown over the years , level d, A2A 172, 757, etc. My plane of choice now is the TBN 850 from Carenado. So I fired it up and was stunned to see the results. never have I achieved such high frame rates. in fact I thought it was a fluke a joke, or maybe I just thought I was seeing something impossible. Folks I turned everything up to the max, Display all graphics to the max, traffic maxed out.,direct x 10 , anti-aliasing, everything that I could max out I did. And with the TBN 850 with all the fixings. My frame rate.now soars in the 60 + 100 fps , no matter where im at day or night. when the airport is real busy it might drop to about 40-50 Fps, but that is Still with everything turned up and all software running smoothly. I landed in Gillett, WY. I know a small town , but im sitting here looking at 100 fps. I never thought it possible. AS16 looks beautiful. Just to be sure I was not imagining this I let it sit over night , just running and watching the beautiful bird TBN 850. I woke up and still hammering at 100 fps. and at night it will go up to 120 to 130 FPS. Now my friends im in seventh heaven. Jjust thought I would share my story. RobertC
  7. Hello Folks, Love this progran cannot run without it. Have a little problem, had to do a complete overhaul of my computers. Needed to re vamp my system. Im running a network and i need to know do i load the lil nav on my client? !. after it load i set the address for the server. Then i believe i run the scenic library. when i try i get and error i need to locate main flightsim folder. The only option is for X-plane and no option for FSX. I have simconnect all set up. I dont see where in your manual explaining how to set it up in a network. im running FSX not X plane. How and where do i get this done. THX....RobertC
  8. Well Folks, after many hours of research trying to find a solution, i finally found a website that fixes the problem. Which was with the upgrade to W10 version 1809, things have changed on how files are save. No Homegroup. files disapearing and not showing up at all. This website if followed exactly you will completely solve that problem if your running version 1809 W10. Thanks folks for your help, and i hope this helps. THX.................................................RobertC https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-networking/connecting-pcs-and-users-for-sharing/fb92e439-5dbc-4367-9857-1ef360e9ffdf?tm=1526075480575
  9. Thanks for the reply, hmmm seams like you folks are saying that 1803 update does not allow for sharing files anymore. is there not a way around this. to go back to W7 or to roll back seems a desperate way to just save six files across just two computers, in the privacy of my home. If thats what i got to do so be it. Thx...........RobertC
  10. Well folks, i guess for me to get back to flying, i must go back to w7 to enjoy this hobby. So now the whole #$%$#$$ drive is now gone, have no clue how to get it back or where it went. i tried mapping by using the real client address and got the same dead old error. So thanks folks.for your help. it appears that im not going to make this work. Windows 10 is a joke.
  11. Also does Onedrive work in this application. THX..............RobertC
  12. Hmm, but can you map a drive that you cannot even see on the main server. Which one do i map the server or the client. or is there a way to map around all this mess. im really frustrated. this is ridiculous for Microsoft putting you through all this crap. it seems like all they do is move crap around to keep you stupid. Windows 10 for me is causing nothing but huge problems that which should be simple. i have been all over the place fixing this and changing that. starting this and starting that. And all i want to do is load anything at this point. i was enjoying great flight time until i decided to upgrade and all went south. THX......................................RobertC
  13. Fod, thanks for the reply, i did just that yesterday. Going into services and starting FDPhost and start. here is what is going on. On the Main Server running FSX when i click network, i can see my server name (Wolverine) and the client name (Milkcrate). I can click on Wolverine and it will open all files shared. But when i click on Milkcrate i get this error. Network Error Windows cannot access \\Milkcrate2 Check for spelling of the name. Otherwise there might be a problem with your network. To try to identify and resolve network problems, click Diagnose. On the client machine(milkcrate) when i click network Wolverine and milkcrate will appear and i can go into both of them with no problems. The FDPHost fixed that problem of not seeing any files on any computer, it just did not correct the problem with the server not opening milkcrate. All my problems started with the upgrade to W10. So i need a fix to get to my client from the server and not the other way around. That is why i ask about Onedrive. I have been at this for a week now and im really wanting to get back to flying. Thanks........RobertC
  14. hello Folks, im wondering about onedrive. i run a network with fsx se and since i upgraded to w10, nothing but problems in getting files shared and so forth. Im hearing some good things about onedrive, Can i use ondrive to share files between computers, meaning having FSX on one machine, and PRO ATC , Activesky on another. The same way you share files the usual way. right now w10 seems a little weird in how to save files. in fact i had to do a go around for the files to even show up. So the main question is will Onedrive work in that way. Thx..................RobertC
  15. Yes you are correct, its working. Thank you sir. My apologies for acting like a two year old:] Have a great day. RobertC
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