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Damian Clark

AS2012 Interim Update BETA available B4387

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Hello everyone,We've been hard at work since release addressing a few issues, some of them very isolated and difficult to identify and duplicate.... so thank you for your patience while we worked it out. While we still have some work to do, we wanted to provide this BETA update now for those who would like to try it. The revision log is below. Note that this is NOT an official release and should be used at your own risk. If you experience an issue, please open a support ticket (http://support.hifitechinc.com) and make sure to specify that you are using this BETA build.The update can be downloaded here: http://dreamcatcher....pdate_B4387.zip (4MB)This update installs over the top of your existing installation.Revision Log:B4387- Fixed problem related to Cirrus handling that could result in excessive cloud clearing/shifting as well as temperature and pressure depiction issues- Fixed problem where an Airport (vs. weather station) would fail to bring up proper interpolation station information in the Wx Report screen- Fixed problem with certain Sky Night textures that would cause an unwanted bright area of sky in some cases- XGauge: Made MET and DST textual weather information background color darker and more opaque for easier readability with brighter background colors (XGauge must be updated by running XGauge Installation Wizard’s file copy and access check)- Changed Airplane Icon in Map/XGauge view for better visibility- Fixed problem in Wx Edit screen where entering fractional visibility in the METAR string, parsing and then applying would result in an unhandled exception- Added support for fractional visibility entry (i.e. 0.25 or ¼) in the Visibility text field of the Wx Edit screen- Fixed problem where right-clicking the MAP screen with no flight plan loaded would result in an unhandled exception (now an informational message is shown asking the user to first load a plan with departure and destination specified before adding waypoints)- Corrected Latitude/Longitude/Elevation of FALE station in the default-supplied database- Fixed problem with Cirrus_Overcast03 texture being improperly handled when creating or installing Snapshots in some cases- Fixed problem with Cirrus_Overcast03 texture failing to properly build in some cases which may result in black/gray rectangles being depicted instead of proper cirrus cloud sprites- Fixed problem where certain water textures may fail to copy/install in some cases- Fixed problem where machine code generation could fail in some isolated cases causing unnecessary reactivations on a single system- Various documentation edits to further explain or better clarify certain elements- Fixed problem in Wx Edit screen where deleting the only cloud layer or last cloud layer could result in an unhandled exception- Improved DWC very high-altitude aloft temperature handling (between 50K and 90k ft) to avoid unrealistically-low temperatures- Fixed UI Screen Size problem that affected some users, causing the UI to be “cut off” and partially inaccessible

Damian Clark
HiFi  Simulation Technologies

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