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Video: VNAV appr/landing into LPFR Faro rwy 10 VOR/DME

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Hi guys!(Last time it was an CDAP into a VOR/DME rwy)This time it´s a video with a VNAV/LNAV approach/ landing (which I do prefer instead)into LPFR FARO rwy 10, ( a VOR/DME rwy)Used RC4 in this flight.LPFR rwy 10STAR: USALU4CTrans: VENOLFor most European this is a well known holiday place. Been there myself one time,but that time it was a landing from east if I remember, into rwy 28 which is an ILS/DME rwyThe FAS is offset by some 4 degree, which makes the landing a little bit more challenged.Here´s some charts I used: Video is some 30 min long and starts whith decending from FL210with preparing for approach and lastly the landing itself.For best result, use 1080p and fullscren, when viewing.

/ Leffe

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