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360 Aviation - now hiring pilots.

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360 Aviation is now hiring pilots for the following positions:Cessna 185 bush pilot – flying Idaho back country. Must be experienced in bush flying.Cessna 172 for FlightSeeing routes and local tourist charters.Cessna 210 for FlightSeeing routes and local tourist charters.Baron 58 for city to city charters, business people, etc.Cessna 208 Cargomaster – flying on demand cargo flights.We use the following software:FSX (Acceleration/gold/sp2)Payware a/c and scenery (Carenado and ORBX. more may come in the future)We use VAFS v5 for ACARS/Finances http://www.vafinancials.com/v5/index.phpWe use FSPassengers for failure possibilities http://www.fspassengers.com/Flight performance matters, how you fly (especially landing rates) effects your pay as well as possible suspension/termination or re-training.Pilots must be able to:Fly at least 3/hrs a month.Use VAFS5 and FSPassengersTo apply submit a resume to Brian Sommers brian.sommers777@gmail.com with the message header of “360 Aviation Application” without the quotes. Right now I’m probably only looking for maybe 1 or 2 pilots in each position. I will hire more when I see how much flying actually gets done. More routes will be added in the future to allow flying the ORBX Australia and New Zealand areas. I have paint jobs for the B58 and the C172 and the C185 is coming, these are not flashy paintjobs, very simple and the website we use is also very simple. This VA Is NOT for everyone.http://forum.avsim.net/groups/show/23-360-aviation/

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