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Windows 7

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I'm trying to run either FU2 or FU3 in windows 7 and both have separate problems. Not really bothered, just want one of them to get running!


Right, I'll start with FU2. I transferred the files from my old system running XP (since sold out installer wouldn't run correctly) and although all the menu's work and appear correctly, once I'm acutally flying the colours go wrong and the game tells me to insert disc 2 (even though it is inserted). I would like to show you what I mean with the colours, but the game will not allow me to take a screenshot for some reason. I will try and describe it: the sky is mainly red with yellow, green, blue strips near the horizon and the landscape appears as light coloured (pink, green, turquoise etc) squares. The cockpit is the same and in 1024x768 it doesn't appear at all.



To avoid having to use this I tried FU3. This time the installer did work and I was also able to load up the Bay Area scenery from FU2. The game itself works perfectly - the menus, graphics etc - except for one thing: After a period of a few minutes flying, the game crashes.


I have tried running both in XP (service pack 2) compatibility mode and have checked disable visual themes and disable desktop composition (upon the advice of a thread on here) and the problems persist.

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I've never had much joy with FU2... I tried, out of interest, last year and I also found an absence of panels. The answer was here:




... at the bottom. 800 × 600 max res for FU2 and they reappear


About screenies, you can't do it with the 'Print Scrn' button (I'm making an assumption here). However, Ctrl+Alt+P will dump a screenshot bitmap into the same folder as FU3.exe. Attach to a post as a jpg. I never tried in FU2 (didn't have it installed long enough) but I suppose the same is true for that.


The colour thing sounds very odd and I don't have any suggestions since you've already tried the obvious compaptibility solutions.


The 'Insert disc 2' problem may be caused by having a different ../folder/sub-folder/ structure for FU2, or a different drive letter for the DVD drive or hard drive, on the new PC. In FU3 there are a couple of text files that you need to change to make the paths work again and as above the same may be true of FU2 though I suppose only one region means only one file to edit. They may have been called region.cfg but I'm only guessing:


I broke both my PCs at the weekend so I can't even go home to try different solutions. Very upset.


Best of luck,


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To confirm Dave's post, you will get the panel display in FU2 at 800x600 resolution, nothing higher. I think this is mentioned somewhere in the manual.


I had a similar problem with FU3 crashing seconds after landing [ on my XP system]. I fixed it by removing add-on scenery folders one at a time until I found the culprit - can't remember which one it was though!


I still fly both sims and love both of them. In the case of FU2 , I have not come across any 'challenge/ adventure' in FS9 that is remotely as much fun or as quirky as those in the default FU2 or its 3rd party add-ons.


I am no dinosaur, and appreciate that FS9 is light years ahead in terms of graphics etc [ I am a regular and avid flyer in FS9 ], but the FU series still does it for me.



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It took a while to go through the files, but I was able to sort the problem and now it works fine - well I can land without it crashing and it hasn't crashed at any other point yet, so its looking good.


Thanks for your help :)))

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