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Action / Batch Converting DDS Textures / in Photoshop

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Guys / Gals need some help or assistance....please


I have been creating photo scenery with G2xpl and everything is working fine other than the images / textures are all over the place color wise. Half of them are too brown, the rest are too green. It quite honestly does not look very nice.


I do have Photoshop, but I'm not very experienced using it. What I'm trying to do is automate the process of the "Match Color" tool that's under "Image / Adjustments". I have downloaded some videos on the process, but none of them seem to show exactly how to do this. I've also searched online for a Color Match Action but can't seem to find anything.


I have created an "Action", it seems to work (?) but I cant get it to do a batch of files when I select "Automate / Batch".


The Action:


What I need to do is open a file (file1) - It has the color I like......

Then open another file (file2) - color I don't like and want it to look like (file1)

Then make sure (file2) is active

Then select Image / Adjustments / Match Color, and select the source image (file1) - (file2) now looks close to (file1) in color


This is where I get lost...


I then have to save the file which is fine but I don't know what options to select when the "Nvidia dds format" box comes up.


I have just been selecting the default settings.


At this point I stop recording the Action.


The Batch process:


Then I select File / Automate / Batch

When the "Batch" box comes up I select my saved Action

Source folder is where the textures are

Under Destination I'm not sure what to pick here. I have tried the different settings and can't seem to get it to process all the files.


I have actually taken ten of the texture files to test with. One has good color, the other nine I want to correct. I eventually need to correct thousands of textures, but will stick to testing first.


If anyone has any experience in doing this I would very much appreciate your help. Perhaps there is an easier way than using Photoshop?





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First up, open up a file, choose the match colour, make the changes and then save those stats from the match colour pop up (this will save that adjustment as an STA file). Now, start recording an action, open up the match colour dialogue, and load that STA file, then hit okay, then hit save and keep the settings it has for DDS. Now stop the action.


Now do the batch process with that action. Choose the source folder where all your files are, and choose 'save and close' as the option, then hit okay. It should load the STA file, apply it and then save all of the files in the source folder.



Alan Bradbury

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Hi Al, thanks for the response...


Well, I had this long reply typed up, then I re-read your reply and figured it out. I got it to work, still not happy with the results. The quality of the orthos are fine with regards to "sharpness" from high zoom levels (16/17/18), but the colours are all over the place. Move 10-20 miles in any direction and the colours can be totally different, too brown, green and so on. I might just only do the airport areas with custom orthos, as G2xpl really isn't an option for my part of the world. It's a shame because it works so well. I'll keep plugging away at it, but I honestly think I'm wasting my time.


Now I need to figure out how to blend orthos into the surrounding default textures better. Tried doing some transparent alpha channels in Photoshop, then made a draped polygon in WED, can't seem to get it to look right yet. Thanks again for your help.




Edit: Here's an example of what I'm talking about.



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This is after the editing. Still looks pretty bad.





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