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Captain SIm 757 Autopilot Problem FIX!

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I was having problem recently with my Captain Sim 757 & 767 . Every time i try to turn A/T on nothing happens. An none of the autopilot system was working. But everything was working before so i didn't understand why this was happening. So here is what i did to fix the problem . I install a later version of FSUIPC i had v4.60 i then install v4.70 . To me the problem was that v4.60 had some registry issue or something. Or i think it was that i upgraded from V4.50 to v4.60 when i installed the CaptainSim 757 an 767 i had FSUIPC v4.50. All i know it had something to do with FSUIPC so i hope this helps to anyone that had the same problem i did. Again my problem was that no autopilot was working none . My solution to the problem was reinstall FSUIPC or upgrade to a later Version hope this helps .

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