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Problem S-Turns / LNAV

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I have a problem with both REX and Active Sky 2012.

when active real weather I have problems with LNAV

the real weather is too abrupt changes in wind direction from right to left.

consequently LNAV is skidding to the right and left.

For more information I have not installed FSUIPC.

Thanks for your response aspect.


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If I am not mistaken there is a feature in AS'12 that makes the wind change smooth.

Other wise FSUIPC has a feature that makes the wind smooth.


It also says that with the Direct Weather Control, it might cause S-turns with 3rd party aircraft.

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Just use the registered FSUIPC Version and you get rid of it! Its worth the money,trust me! And you can also change a lot

of other thing with that little programm behind the scene! :Idea:



Sven Wendel

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