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Level-D 767 FMC - need memory jogged

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Hi everybody


I've been playing with ths old girl a bit lately, it's been a while. I've come up against a programming problem that I don't recall having previously regarding inserting fixes.


1. With the PMDG 747, going to the 'Fix' page and entering your dest airport at the top, and then /60 below will give you a ring around your airport at 60nm. No problems there.


2. If you then click on the /60 line you'll get a position that is where your flightpath and the circle intersect and that you can use to insert into your route (I use this to calc a TOD that keeps RC4 happy).


3. In the PMDG 747 and Ifly 737, all is well. However the L-D 767 is giving me the range circle, but the intersection point is ALWAYS on the far side of the circle, meaning I would overfly the dest airport, fly for another 60 nm, before executing a 180 turn and flying back to the airport. This is repeatable on any approach or flightplan that I insert.


I should add I'm using the (now old) FS2Crew button add-on, but I don't think that's causing this. Has anyone seen this before?


Cheers, SLuggy

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