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  1. Is it just me, or have the prices of addon sceneries gone up a bit during the year? No doubt I'll get this (prob during a sale), but 18 Euros for this seems a bit steep. Some of the ground textures for example look pretty stock to me (look through the pics on Simmarket). I'm not bashing TropicalSim (bought over 30 of their sceneries so far over the years), but this and Punta Cana didn't really wow me. Having said that, since Punta Cana is on sale for 10 Euros right now, I'll go and get it. :rolleyes: Cheers, SLuggy
  2. Whilst I appreciate Airsimmer Adherants (how's that for clever? :lol: ) are loving their A320, I'm still going to pass until the full version is released, or at least until the major bugs are ironed out of the current version. I have incredible iFlys, perfect PMDGs, delectable Digital Aviations, lovely Level-Ds, 'mazing Maddogs and even quirky QualityWings (that one was tough) to play with before I even need to consider another complex jet, even if it is an A320. When I get an A320, it'll be the Airsimmer. But it needs to be stable (no CTDs, no supplied variants that don't work, etc). If I buy it now, I know I'll be disappointed with it at the first CTD and never touch it again. I hope Airsimmer comes through, I'll be dancing in the A320 conga line as well. But until then, no deal. And anyways, how come most of you don't have the DA Fokker 70 and 100, or (if PMDG are to be believed) MD-11? Both are awesome, stable non-Boeings, and in the case of the MD-11 you get an extra shove in the tail for no extra cost! Cheers, SLuggy
  3. Wad53 has hit it on the head; what's the point of raving about this Airbus when the very parts (the extended team updates) that make it platable aren't available to the general purchaser? Why should you have to 'be in the in-crowd' to make a product that you purchased usable? If Airsimmer ever release the full version in a usable shape, I'll be first in line to buy it. But I won't jump through hoops to get a product that I bought usable. Sorry. Cheers, SLuggy
  4. Seeing as Level-D would perhaps see increased interest in a FS9 product that was released around 8 years ago, a product that has probably reached the end of it's development (winglets not withstanding) cycle, I'd suggest they should be grateful to Zinertek for perhaps bringing some dollars in. Their 757 has taken longer to develop than the real thing, I believe. If I was prone to being I TRIED TO USE A PROFANITY HERE - AREN'T I STUPID!y, I'd suggest that maybe Zinertek tried to contact Darryl via the Level-D forum ,but got scared off. He has scared off more than the occasional request with his approach, I believe. Cheers, SLuggy B I T C H Y is a profanity? Wow, I'm out of touch these days. Cheers, SLuggy
  5. I have noticed this, and it is a little disturbing. I don't make the rules tho, and it IS Tom's site. This is a little rough. If you ever fly on a Boeing, guess what they also build? Plus I work for a multinational defence contractor, and I'm still a nice guy. :Peace: Cheers, SLuggy
  6. Success! I disabled the Aero theme, and it worked no worries, able to drag windows to the other monitor no worries, and the windowed mode worked fine.The best bit was when I quit FS9, re-enabled the Aero theme and I can STILL do the same! For some reason the above procedure must of jogged something in the display driver or FS9. Don't know what, but am happy to take the win! :( Cheers, SLuggy
  7. I've got the same problem with an X1950pro (AGP), so it's not a Nvidia thing. It works OK in full screen, but as I use 2 monitors in windowed mode (the second for popups) I'm going to keep trying to get it working in windowed mode. My Pentium D (3.4GHz) seems to be better utilized in Win 7 (both cores carry more of a load for some reason), so that's my encouragement!Cheers, SLuggy
  8. Oh, and I've also got the SSTSSM Concorde, but the engineer's panel has frightened me off for a while! :) Although the Dreamfleet 727 that's gathering dust in the corner could probably do with some exercise as well. Can't believe I bought all these things and then never had time to really use them properly...Cheers, SLuggy
  9. Hi everybodyI've owned the PMDG 737, 747, Level-D 767 and the Super 80 (plus the RFP 747, but I'm going to stick with 'modern' jetliners for a while) for some time, but never really sat down and got to grips with FMCs and so forth. I finally sat down around a month ago and learnt how to fly the 737 via the FMC (making sure I actually understood what and why I was doing it).Thinking of dipping my toe in the water with another complicated bird, would anyone have any suggestions on what order I should learn these birds? I was thinking the LD767, but the FMC in the 747 looks pretty familar after playing with the 737's solidly for a month, although I'm sure they all work roughly the same. But I sometimes think I should graduate in size roughly in order (the Super 80), and to complicate things I bought AoA's LD767 DVD.I probably should repeat that I already own all these addons, so cost is not an issue. Gotta say, it's a great problem to have, now that I've dipped a toe into procedual simming it's making it hard to fly a 'lite' jetliner...Cheers, SLuggy
  10. Hate to bag a developer, but...Perfect Flight's Fly the MD11. Absolutely horrendous.Cheers, SLuggy
  11. By jove, I think you've got it! I thought there was some mysterious tweaking of airfiles and such, but there seems to be no problems that I could see. Thanks very much!Cheers, SLuggy
  12. A miserable, pitiful little bump... :)Cheers, SLuggy
  13. Hi everybodyI had to reinstall XP Pro SP2 (yay....), and are trying to use the merge for these two old girls. I've installed both OK, but there's a problem with XP Pro apparently in that although folders aren't really 'read only', they are marked as such. Even bought a file attribute changing program that couldn't help, and I can't seem to get the command line attrib command to work.Unfortunately the merge program requires the folders to be not read only. I can change the file attribures OK, but not the folders themselves, and so I can't get this merge happening. Which has got me confused because I did have it before. Has anyone tried this merge on XP SP2, and if so how did you do it?Cheers, SLuggyOh, forgot to add that I am logged on as a full administrator.
  14. The way I look at it, the prop affects AIRSPEED, the conveyer belt affects GROUNDSPEED. The two are (almost) unrelated (I've been in a de Havilland Caribou flying into a headwind that was within 40kts of the plane's cruising speed, resulting in a groundspeed of around 40kts; should've gotten out and walked). The prop pulls the plane through the AIR which (for all intents and purposes in this exercise) isn't moving because it isn't affected by the conveyor belt. Once there is enough thrust to overcome the wheels' friction and aircraft's inertia (same as moving off to taxi) the wheels simply turn faster (higher groundspeed) but the plane's airspeed will be the same as in a normal taxi or takeoff. So the plane will take off in the same distance as normal whilst it's rolling on the conveyor belt. The wheel bearings may get hotter, but that's what maintenance is for. :)I've really tried not to get involved in this debate, but just for once I'd thought I'd treat myself.Cheers, SLuggy
  15. Sorry for dredging up the past, but is this A320 still in development? I thought I read in another post that it was on the way to being cancelled.Although I had a good chuckle at Bob Scott's comment from March last year : 'It'll give us something to look forward to in 2008.'Cheers, SLuggy
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