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  1. Hi everyone Got a strange one. Whilst flying a MD11F last night the plane could no longer maintain airspeed after a couple of hours cruise. Decided to restart FS9 and now the displays are always black without any X's across them, so it's not a validation problem I think. Reinstalled the MD11 anyways (yes, it's a legal copy) but still nothing. The PMDG 747's displays are also playing up. All other addons are fine. Using Win 10 x64, FS9.1, latest MD11 installer. Any ideas? Cheers, Chris Dalgarno Bit more info; the PMDG 744 is fine after all, but the VC on the MD11 is also missing. Tried another full reinstall, but no good. Cheers, Chris Dalgarno Another update; I deleted the FS9.cfg file and let it rebuild itself and now the gauges are working. Bizarre. Hopefully this might help someone else some day. Cheers, Chris
  2. No problems here, but as you can see above some people have. Only you can decide whether Win 10 is for you or not. If you're happy with what you've got there's no real reason to change. I was happy with Win 7 but after 6 or so years I was ready for a change plus I wanted DX12. As I am pretty PC savvy (not an expert mind, but more betterer than the average bear ) I was aware off the potential pitfalls and confident enough that I could work through any problems. Plus I have nightly backups onto a home server in case the apocalypse visits my PC, so I dived straight in. Cheers, SLuggy
  3. Sweet, what was the issue in the end? Glad it's working now. Cheers, SLuggy
  4. These are my NI settings : Antialiasing AA - behaviour flags : none AA - setting : 8xS (combined: 1x2 SS + 4x MS) Texture Filtering Anisotropic filtering setting : 16x Texture Filtering - Negative LOD bias : Clamp Texture filtering - Quality : High Quality I removed all AA using Inspector and FS9 descended into jaggy hell, put it back and FS9 got all pretty again, so my NI is working. Using with the folder on my desktop. Cheers, SLuggy ps - downloading driver 355.60 now.
  5. I did have to reset my NI settings, but no problems with AA here. When I have some time this arvo (around 2 or so hours) if you're around, I'll try to work through things with you. Starting to feel like I'm one of the lucky ones here. Cheers, SLuggy
  6. If it helps, FS9 is on it's own SSD in my case, and I too have UAC turned all the way down. The only drama I had was for some reason FS9 re-enabled it's joystick (making everything uncontrollable since I use FSUIPC for my controllers), a quick change and all was back to normal. What happens if you rename the FS9.cfg file and let FS9 build a new one? I think Win 10 is even more protective of it's own directories than Win 7, have you tried to install in, say, C;\FS9? Actually, if the UAC change you try is not allowed, it would indicate to me that your user account may not have sufficent priviliges to install new programs. Maybe check your account settings? Cheers, SLuggy
  7. Sorry, here's my hardware and settings : i7-3770K @4.3 GTX980 Strix Running dual monitors windowed @ 1080p FS9.cfg (relevant bit) [DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980.0] Mode=1920x1080x32 PanelAsTexture=0 TextureAGP=0 TriLinear=1 MipBias=6 driver 353.62 using NickN's Inspector settings. FS9 is running well at 60 frames locked with dips in heavy clouds (REX)
  8. And so does ASE, RC4.3, FSCommander, FSBuild, FSNav, GEPro, PMDG MD11 and most everything else I have.
  9. Windows Home Server 2011 has had no dramas backing up a 4x SSD, 1 HDD Win10 Pro x64 each night. I love my server. :wub: Cheers, SLuggy
  10. The only drama I had with a maxed out FS9 was for some reason FS9's internal joystick selection re-enabled itself (I use FSUIPC for my peripherals). Disabled it and all good. So no dramas with GEPro, ASE, RC4.3, REX, PMDG MD-11, TOPCAT, FSBuild, FSCommander and FSNav. Haven't tried everything yet, but early indications seem to all be positive. No black helicopters have landed on the front lawn so I figure I'm OK. Cheers, SLuggy
  11. Is it just me, or have the prices of addon sceneries gone up a bit during the year? No doubt I'll get this (prob during a sale), but 18 Euros for this seems a bit steep. Some of the ground textures for example look pretty stock to me (look through the pics on Simmarket). I'm not bashing TropicalSim (bought over 30 of their sceneries so far over the years), but this and Punta Cana didn't really wow me. Having said that, since Punta Cana is on sale for 10 Euros right now, I'll go and get it. :rolleyes: Cheers, SLuggy
  12. Whilst I appreciate Airsimmer Adherants (how's that for clever? :lol: ) are loving their A320, I'm still going to pass until the full version is released, or at least until the major bugs are ironed out of the current version. I have incredible iFlys, perfect PMDGs, delectable Digital Aviations, lovely Level-Ds, 'mazing Maddogs and even quirky QualityWings (that one was tough) to play with before I even need to consider another complex jet, even if it is an A320. When I get an A320, it'll be the Airsimmer. But it needs to be stable (no CTDs, no supplied variants that don't work, etc). If I buy it now, I know I'll be disappointed with it at the first CTD and never touch it again. I hope Airsimmer comes through, I'll be dancing in the A320 conga line as well. But until then, no deal. And anyways, how come most of you don't have the DA Fokker 70 and 100, or (if PMDG are to be believed) MD-11? Both are awesome, stable non-Boeings, and in the case of the MD-11 you get an extra shove in the tail for no extra cost! Cheers, SLuggy
  13. Wad53 has hit it on the head; what's the point of raving about this Airbus when the very parts (the extended team updates) that make it platable aren't available to the general purchaser? Why should you have to 'be in the in-crowd' to make a product that you purchased usable? If Airsimmer ever release the full version in a usable shape, I'll be first in line to buy it. But I won't jump through hoops to get a product that I bought usable. Sorry. Cheers, SLuggy
  14. Seeing as Level-D would perhaps see increased interest in a FS9 product that was released around 8 years ago, a product that has probably reached the end of it's development (winglets not withstanding) cycle, I'd suggest they should be grateful to Zinertek for perhaps bringing some dollars in. Their 757 has taken longer to develop than the real thing, I believe. If I was prone to being I TRIED TO USE A PROFANITY HERE - AREN'T I STUPID!y, I'd suggest that maybe Zinertek tried to contact Darryl via the Level-D forum ,but got scared off. He has scared off more than the occasional request with his approach, I believe. Cheers, SLuggy B I T C H Y is a profanity? Wow, I'm out of touch these days. Cheers, SLuggy
  15. Well then, they're just bloody wrong, aren't they? Cheers, SLuggy
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