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Winglets for the 737NG -900 for FS9

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I bought the NG for FS9 way back when a PMDG 737 for FSX was just a dream. All my investments have been in FS9, scenery and aircraft. I bought the -600/-700 base pack and then the -800/-900 expansion pack.


I have started dabbling in repaints for the FS9 PMDG and found one I want to do for the -900. Trouble is, it is a winglet repaint of a real world aircraft livery. In looking through my aircraft folders there is no winglet mdl file or air file for the -900, only for the -700 and -800, and the PMDG Paintkit for the -900 doesn't even show winglets in the base textures so it will do me absolutely no good trying to add winglets to my repaint.


I actually tried copying and renaming the 737-800WL model and air file to 737-900WL and placing those to files/folders in my -900 aircraft folder. I now get winglets, but obviously I also get the shorter -800 model and the repaint overlaps near where the mid and rear fuselage sections mate up.


Did I miss something years ago when I originally purchased the -800/-900? Did the -900 expansion ever have or "service pack" a winglet version that I missed?


Finally, is there any way to "modify" the -900 model files and air file to add winglets to it?


Ya know what, just as an addon to this...I noticed in the Paintkit for the -900 (which is available separately from the -800 paintkit) that it uses the -800 fuselage sections for their base, yet the -900 is 8'8" longer with plugs fore and aft of the wings. I know the original -900 did not come with a winglet version from Boeing and only the newer -900ER has winglets. Despite this fact, I see no difference between the base texture files in the -800 paintkit and the -900 paintkit (which is what prompted me to try renaming the -800.mdl and air file)



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Ah well, never mind I guess. After posting this I did some looking through the MSFS Aircraft Design Threads and it appears in no uncertain terms that editing the model file is pretty much impossible because of the way they are coded and compiled. Guess I'll just have to do without any winglets on my FS9 737-900 because I am relatively certain there is no way PMDG is going to go back to an FS9 product and retrofit it.




Randy Tyndall

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