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Acceleration and error 1-80004005

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2 years ago I already had the same problem while shifting from an old PC to a new one. I have once again the same problem while upgrading from an old PC to a new one.

I cannot find out how I solved the problem. So I need help again.


I replaced my old PC with a new one. FSX is no more on the old PC (I removed the disk and installed it on the new PC after deleting the FSX folder). I first installed FSX and SDK on a seperate physical disk from the system.

It requested the product key and accepted it. I can fly without problem.

BUT when I installed Acceleration first everything seems to be normal, I received the installation O.K. It did not request the Acceleration Product key.

Now when I want to fly I receive the message:


We are sorry, an unexpected error occured which is preventing product activation from beeing complete. Error code: 1-80004005


I searched for answers on the net, I tried to repair FSX and/or Acceleration, uninstall FSX and SDK and Acceleration, reinstall them. Each time first FSX is O.K. then as soon Acceleration is added I receive the error message. I flyed 30 minutes then the game stopped with the same error message. I tried the delayed registration. As soon I wanted to install Acceleration it request that I restart FSX and enter the Product Code and that was accepted by FSX. But again when Acceleration was installed I received the same error message.

The PC operating system is Windows 7 Premium 64 bits. The new PC is an ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe with an Intel I7 2700 CPU not overclocked (yet).

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