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  1. 2018 and I still think of him. Roger Potie
  2. J van E, I just read your post. And I am leaning toward your advice. So my second question is can I just uninstall every soft with uninstall options or are they any trap along the route (registers, hidden soft ?).
  3. Thank you to all (and Christofer P3D and not PD3!). I will for the time being maintain FSX just in case. As I go on I will come back for the addons. At this point going to P3D or relearning FSX will take as much time and maybe less fun. So ahead with P3D ! Roger P I
  4. After several years not using fsx, I wish to replace fsx by pd3 4.2 First question: Knowing that many add ons for FSX are intalled (I am mainly thinking about EFB, Active Sky, FS Commander, Traffic etc...) is it better to remove FSX and install PD3 4.2 or should I install PD3 4.2 next to it. I am ready to renew all the addons. Ease of intalling is more important than trying to reuse whatever adds on I have. My second question will depend on the answers I receive. Roger P.
  5. O.K. jd.I received the key and started RCV4 on the client PC.I mixed up to be quick and precipitation.I also found out which e-mail address I used.
  6. jd,Maybe I am too much in a hurry. And then making lot of mistakes.I installed RCV4 on November 8th on my desktop PC where FSX is installed.I bought a new laptop a month ago. I installed RCV4 on this laptop used as client PC.I requested a new key for product id 2129792102 but with an e-mail address not matching (I think) the original e-mail used in November.I didn't get an answer but I am maybe to much in a hurry as I said. (1/4 hour wait - I supposed that the answer would be an automatic computer answer). I then tried to use the original key used in November. That doesn't seem to be recognized (normal). I send again a request with what I think was the the original e-mail address.No answer. I tried again by inserting a minus sign in front of the product id. No answer.Sorry if I seem impatient but usually these procedures are automated with many suppliers and the answers are practically immediate.So now I probably introduced lot of rubbish in my request. Now I stay on hold until you tell me what to do.Sorry again.
  7. Well that happens when one fiddles with unknown stuff.The ASX also works now. At the beginning I executed SP2 SimConnect.I found (as usual) the info in the forum. I need to have all 3 versions of SimConnect (at least SPa1 for ASX). But to find the info request lot of digging, searches, pulling the hair and ... lot of patience.Maybe this should be a little beter explained in the ASX documentation. It is quite complete but as one can see just one missing detail gives lot of problem.I am happy to use the ASX on the client because it was eating 4 or 5 fps (and my FSX is defined with 26fps). Now I need to migrate RC to the client but I need to check the FSUIPC and WideFs. I read that I needed to reinstall FSUIPC.Thank you Jim and all the others, mainly Al Jordan.
  8. Jim,I found in this Forum that I needed exactly this SimConnec.msl:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?>SimConnect Server ConfigurationSimConnect.xmlFalseFalseIPv4global64 you can see with my first post the difference is not that big. But it worked. Now AI traffic test is O.K.I now have problems with ASX and SDK SP1. I will follow the instructions from another thread in this forum to try to fix this. It seems that I need to install SDK on the client PC, at least the SimConnect.msi for each version of SDK.
  9. Jim,I don't understand your advice. I read in the ASX doc:Firewall software must be configured to allow SimConnect communications on the port you set (we suggest port 500)
  10. This is not (yet) an ASX problem. I followed the ASX instructions to create a Simconnect.Server with XP professional, client Vista.Server and client communication O.K. (already a month now).Sharing the files as instructed (I can read them and changed them from the client).FSX and FSX SP1 installed (deluxe version)SDK , SPA1 and SP2 installed. (SPs from web site fsinsider).MS firewall set to accept port 500 and the two PC.Server: the address data is the server address on the network.Simconnect.xml<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?>SimConnect Server ConfigurationSimConnect.xmlFalseTrueIPv4global64[simConnect]level=verboseconsole=0;RedirectStdOutToConsole=1;OutputDebugString=1;file=c:simconnect%03u.log;file_next_index=0;file_max_index=9---------------------------------------------------ClientSimConnect.cfg on client[simConnect]Protocol=IPv4Address= installed and executed on client.But how can I see that this is O.K. ?Result:The test with AI traffic is negative, meaning that the job starts and end very very quickly with no message.So the ASX installation is now on hold. Well it finalization. Of course ASX from client gives an error message:Simconnect SP1 managed version was not found to be correctly installed on this system...But in fact the error appears before ASX was installed.So should I follow the procedure to uninstall and reinstall FSX SP1 update (the system specifies FSX, not SDK) Now I get this message on the client where no FSX is installed. I also receive this message if I severe the link between the 2 PC.Can anybody give me some advice. I already read lot of posts here and elswhere. I will continue my search but if somebody could help me I will appreciate.
  11. When I installed FSX I got help from a professional. He told me NEVER change the default flight. KEEP the ultralight and Friday Harbor otherwise I could get into trouble. This seems to confirm what he told me. Roger
  12. Ron,The problem is fixed. Yes it was the focus thing that created the problem. It seems that when my last action was with a secondary windowed element of FS (like GPS or radio stack) on Full Screen (but with 2 monitors involved so the radio stack or GPS are on monitor 2) then I lose the "focus" stuff. I just need to click anywhere on the monitor 1 then FSUIPC gets the info nd sends it to RC.Roger
  13. jd,O.K.THAT is the problem. I made a complete flight without any FSUIPC/RC problem.My last problem was to understand what you meant by focus.In FS9 I never had that problem.Thank you.Roger
  14. Your message clarifies jd following message. I will do some tests and come back with the results. I am now working with FSX and XP Pro just like I did in fs9 and XP family. Then I did not have any problem.I will let you know.Roger
  15. jd,The RC window (or dialog box where the available options are displayed) is on the secondary monitor. Does that answer your question ? Or by main fs window focus do you mean that the last mouse click was done on the main fs window? I will probably do some more tests before it is day time on your side of the Atlantic.Roger
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