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CIS countries sceneries

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The idea for this thread came with an a little off-topic, but very interesting discussion with our mate UR67393. Coming from a discussion about sceneries for LSZH Zürich, we got into a wider one about CIS countries and especially Ukraine, his home country (as one can clearly conclude from his forum name...).


His last post was:

:) It`s good idea... Some CIS countries, and of course another countries too, contain hidden defects. As example several simple defects: 3D model of constructions contain lower texture polygons- e.g. floor, which need deleted when creating 3D models into 3D program(s). Floor which not see user`s CPU forced calculate excess dates... And now think next: if CPU calculate many such dates, is this will affect at frame rates in the and? Yes, fps will fall. If many 3D models not compiled into one file- that`s reason for decrease of fps, particularly at low pc. Example, thereto UKKK scenario... Or, next example: parts of one 3D model not connect together, if very many polygons in many 3D models- it give fall fps(it in Freez scenario) at not very fast pc, and etc... We need inspect and texture sets too, and decide- is need sets with 1024x1024, 32Bit or may be quite good sets with 128x128, DXT1? We need check constantly 3D models in new and old scenarios by ModelConverterX. This is utility which allows to You view of created 3D models, it will help to us. If You not know any about ModelConverterX look at this site http://www.scenerydesign dot org/modelconverterx/ If You wish download latest version, install it(simply copy), and open... UKKK and Zurich`s files by ModelConverterX, take a look at low floor in to 3D models... Many virtual pilots have fast pc, which quite good cope with scenarios which contain many mistakes into 3D models. How check new/old scenario else? Download flight at RW, after taxi to 3D models of constructions and check absent of crashes during taxi. Next taxi to the... virtual terminal and check swith- off of crashes- fps will be better. Then taxi to the inside of treminals :) and inspecting the floor and absent of internal texture of models. It simply check and it need check always. We need necessarily constantly check 3D files in to scenarios. I can`t tell to You about all here, but You must constantly read inform at this special site http://www.fsdeveloper.com/



UKHH: My frame rates are o.k., as you can see...


Perhaps You have fast pc, which quick calculated dates. For calculated of fps I use FlightSim Manager program(it placed at avsim.com). FSM have indicator of fps, and it prompt to me figures of fps, at my P4 I know figure of fps exactly.



UKHH is most exciting with SBAI Mi-8 and helipads. Another masterpiece from Ukraine!


You are quite right. Yes, scenario and AI model designers have come a long way of learning own favorite occupation. And now They have masterworks(!). And we`re need constantly read http://www.fsdeveloper.com/ to know mistakes in to scenarios, it is useful to us(!). Scenery developers and AI designers constantly learning http://www.fsdeveloper.com/



UKKK: Yes, the airport is rather old, but is there any better version available? And I like the museum, really!


I asked of UKKK author at the forum(I told him about many his mistakes into scenario), he did not answer anything... May be he drop own fs... So, in this case, we must correct the errors themselves(!), by our hands- learn at http://www.fsdeveloper.com/ start need created simply 3D model into G- max- cube with textures... It very simple, this is pleasure ;)::.


So now, good afternoon, UR67393,


over the night I did a defrag etc., so that I can answer you just now. At first I have to confess, that my knowledges about sceney buildings ar far worse than yours. I have to make a compromise between family, job and fligtsimming, so I am glad to have got some knowledge about editing afcads or make simple landclass files, edit repaints in a rather not-professional manner resp. converting 32bit textures to DXT3 files only for myself, editing flightplans via TTools... Getting deeper into scenery building would require time I hardly have, and too often I fly with my sim when I better should go to sleep at night.


Nevertheless I have an opinion about your very profound post.

If we look at commercial sceneries, there is a huge progress in programming, regarding framerate-friendlyness, too. But these sceneries concentrate on destinations in USA and Europe mostly. But these Mega-Airports don't interest me much, as I fly mostly old propliners and not modern airliners, so I feel more familiar with middle and small airports. Geographically, I'm almost not interested in Northern America (this may change as friends of mine moved to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania some months ago...) and only little more in Western Europe. I like flying in Eastern Europe, Middle Asia, Oceania, Southern America...


When I look for sceneries of these countries, available commercial add-ons are quite rare. (The wonderful Yekaterinburg and Vilius sceneries by Aerosoft are a praiseworthy exception.) So people started to make such sceneries for themselves; and I understand, that not every scenery builder has the knowledge of professional scenery programmers. I'm grateful for their creations, even if they aren't perfect. By the way, my PC system seems to have less power than yours, but all components are well combined to each other. So I rarely have really heavy problems with framerates at newer CIS freeware sceneries, as UKBB, UKHH, UNNT, UGTB (one of my favourites, Georgia got my "second home" within the sim). At elder sceneries, for instance UAAA, one realizes just that they are elder, but I'm just happy with them. I even accept sceneries, which are rather simple, as UTDD, just to have these places to fly to.


Generally the programmers from CIS countries are very ambitious towards their work in my eyes. You can see this on many aircrafts, as SD Yak 40 or SCS Tu-134. Same phenomenon with sceneries, many come with very detailed buildings, vehicle libraries... and often with a photoscenery. For me, this aís a further reason for more calculating work of our PCs. Often I replace them with a simple landclass to optimize PC performance...


So these are some thoughts for the beginning.. Now my family calls... Wish you a nice (left) weekend!



   Harald Geyer
   Gründer der Messerschmitt Freunde Dresden v. V.


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