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Needing help to improve IVAO software's behaviour on my system

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For some time now, I've been thinking of reluctantly making the "big step" to fly online.


I opted to try with IVAO first.


Unfortunately, I'm afraid, my online IVAO experience, may come to an end before it even begins.


During the last two weeks, I registered myself on IVAO, downloaded its software (ivap, the-eye), and read their manuals.


And yesterday, I installed it.


I was completely disappointed:


a. While for many months I had made my FSX rock-solid from crashes, mainly by using always the newest FSUIPC module from Pete Dawson (and to a secondary degree using the Vista uiautomationcore.dll), ivap has an abysmal behaviour on my system -> CTD, CTD and again CTD, even if is not started, just installed.


b. I had also managed to find a good tradeoff between detail and fps (even with the FXAA Post Process Injection renderer) using Bojote's tweaking tool. Again ivap proved to be a tremendous fps hog, even if is not started, just installed.


c. MTL and all its liveries, have lengthened considerably (maybe plus 20sec) my FSX initial load times, even if I have an SSD.


Any suggestions would be welcome and helpful.


If I cannot solve the above, I may have to turn to VATSIM instead, and hope that their software behaves much better on my system.




PS: I only tested the above with the PMDG 737NGX. Also ivap was running in-process with FSX (full screen), and on the same computer.


PS2: Using ivap as a separate process, is not an option, because without having FSX in full screen, there is no immesion in the simulation. Also using it on a second computer, is not an option, as there is no room on the desk I'm using for simming, for my laptop and its mouse (I don't use touchpads).


PS3: Have never tried Word Not Allowed's tweaking approach, because I think it is intended for more powerful systems than mine. However, if you do not feel this is the case, please say so.


PS4: Please do not turn this thread into an IVAO vs. VATSIM thread. I have no such intentions.


PS5: System specs:


i7-860 @ 2.88GHz

nVidia 9800GT 1GB


Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit

Intel 520 240GB SSD


Resolution used for FSX -> 1920x1080x32

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First yes I would definitely use kostas guide anyway. It improved my graphics AND FPS by miles. Next, as to IVAO software I have definitely heard it has issues. I fly for a VA on VATSIM using FSInn and it works a charm. IVAO from my understanding has a little more Europe focus. I understand VATSIM tends to have more on the North American side.


Seth Ainsley JTS1141


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