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Turbine Duke busted engine

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I thought I'd try the Turbine Duke on a LONG flight - Dargaville, New Zealand North Island to Lord Howe Island in the Pacific Ocean off Sydney & Port Macquarie area.


That is 1853km into a headwind. Everything was going fine but I never knew you need to keep the oil radiators FULLY open during cruise even at 24,000 feet and I only had them half open. I went for dinner and came back and one engine was pretty much dead. So I got to try my first single engine flight with the Duke for the remainder and landing. Next time I might try a failed landing gear and the belly landing for some fun.


Lord Howe Island really is one of the nicest sceneries available STILL for FSX, even if it is rather small so I thought I would record the approach and landing. In hindsight I should have done a circuit first to view the scenery more:







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