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Multiple Display FD and ND (prosim doesn't work)

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First of all, I totally apologize if this is in the wrong section.


I'm in the process of building just panels that would let me control the EFIS and MCP via buttons and encoders.


I ordered a couple of button input devices from Leo Bodnar that should do the trick combined with FSUIPC and Macros and key assignments. I think I got that part pretty figured out. Unless someone has better suggestion. But in a quick run down, I'll be wiring up the buttons and encoders to the input device and programming them via FSUIPC.


I however would LOVE to have a multiple monitor system (I already have 2 monitors hooked up). On the extra monitor, I would like to show just the FD and ND.


I download a free version of Prosim737 and the ProSimDisplay app.


Though it works and I can see the FD and ND.... it does not show ALL the information. such as EFIS changes or MCP changes don't reflect on FD. I'm probably using it wrong or because it's free version. Would love to see ALL the info displayed in Prosim737 displays that I see on my plane's FD and ND.




Any free alternatives to this? (Other than poping out and undocking windows).


I hope you guys understand what I'm asking...if not, please ask and I'll try to be more clear.



To the MODS: Please feel free to move this in whatever section you feel is correct.

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I think you are making a basic mistake here.


Prosim and PMDG NGx is not a happy marriage. (in fact to put it even more correctly they are not able to live together).


I am building a home cockpit myself and sofar i have learnt that indeed interfacing switches/led's etc (albeit with some limitations) is now possible with the use of the released SDK===> FSUIPC===> interfacecards (with their approriate software programming of course like for instance sioc).


There is also a thread here on the NGx forum that shows how to undock windows and place them on different monitors however as far as i have read there is one big limitation. These monitors need to be attached to the same PC you are running FSx and the NGx on.

So as long as you are indeed intending to run everything on one computer you should be able to do so.


But if you are aiming to have the other screens on a different PC (like i want to do), it seems it is not possible.


Other forum attendees, please correct me if i am wrong

Fred Koch
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Flying , P3D V4.5.dd-on's: Avlasoft EFB, AS2016, FSC9, NL-scenery V4.0, plus many Aerosoft scenery.

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