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  1. Hi All I ordered, and installed succesfully, VoxATC 7.42 into my fresh P3D V4.5 installation. All working fine. I do however have the VoxATC V6 disc still with the UK enhancement. Is it possible, and worth it, to install the UK enhancement from that disc into my new 7.42 installation?
  2. I ordered VoxATC v 7.42 on 14/01 around 08.00 CEST through the RC website and received my keys in about 3 hours. So, website is still alive and response is fine in my opinion.
  3. Although i am fairly happy with VoxATC on P3D V3.3.5 i did notice lately that the air traffic controller is deteriorating. Today in a approach to Gatwick (EGKK) the controller caused twice a serious separation incident by directing an AI pilot and myself to steer towards each other instead of separting us properly. This was not the first time btw. I have in the last 4 weeks encountered more separation incidents then ever before. Also i noticed the taxiway lightning is not bright anymore in P3D (but i remember vaguely this is caused by something else i can not find anymore) So although i will keep using VoxATC for the time being i am more and more hoping a new release will fix this kind of very irritating bugs. And Tegwyn, if your are reading this i am more than happy to test the new release also with above in mind
  4. I am not against a update fee for 7.0 but i have to admit this lack of reliable communication does not help. There will probably be a P3D V3.4 of V4.x soon and then what? I am certainly not against paying for support. Not getting it is more of an issue. And this from someone who succefully installed voxatc 6.52 in P3D V3.3.5 without any support. I admit loving voxatc but the current lack of reliable information migth lead in my case to choosing a different package.
  5. Due to the move of P3D to a newly bought SSD i had to redo the whole installation of P3D including addon's (amongst which VoxAtc). Without wanting to frustrate anyone with different results here but i managed again to properly install VoXatc 6.52 on P3D 3.3.5 with the migration tool active. I have done one testflight in Europe with Voxatc properly guiding me from startup to shutdown. I too am looking forward to V7 (if indeed it will happen) but given the proper working of 6.52 now, i hope the pricetag of the upgrade is right for me. Sofar i can live with Voxatc working as it is. If required i can help in trying to find out why it is it works with me and for others. I have P3D and VoxAtc both installed on the SSD now which is not my OS drive.
  6. Hi Mike, Thanks for the quick response. So not yet in PF3. Guess i will wait for it to be implemented before trying. In the meantime still very happy with VoxAtc on P3D V3.1. No oceanic frequency issues flying in europe sofar.
  7. Just looked at some vid's on youtube for PF3 but no demo seems to use voice recognition. The info on oncourse website tells me PF3 is configurable for voice recognition but somehow the vid's all use keypresses? Why? Anyone tried to use standard Microsoft windows 10 voice recognition yet to control PF3? Have not yet been able to try it myself. WIll do so later but interested to hear experiences. Voice recognition is a big prereq for me for any ATC program.
  8. Pilot2ATC looks promising from their website. It seems a full functional version is downloadble and usable for 15days. I wil try to find some time to test this weekend. @Supersym: Have you tried the full functional demo or are you waiting for someone else to do it for you?. :wink:
  9. i do not want to start a long principle discussion on, also because i do not know what exactly is behind VoxATC as a business but i think we should always consider that some of the great addon's we use in our hobby (it is a hobby isn't it? so no life threating things happen when an installer is not updated asap?), is supplied by good willing hobbyist like ourselves. Perhaps the developer has a family urgency, or his real life job, which he needs to support his family, is taking all his time at the moment. I met the developer some years ago during a flight sim event and i THINK he is indeed a single professional behind this wonderfull piece of software. Like you, i prefer my updates yesterday instead of today and would have liked the installer to have been fixed already. But considering i bought this software some six years ago (for indeed a steep price which it was worth at that time) and that the developer still updated his product (free of charge) last year to support P3D V2 makes me a very happy client. Having to buy EMT (!2 euro's0 to make it work in P3D V3 was a very small investment i easily justified for myself. Having set the config right once removes the need to use the tool everytime. So that's my take on the lack of response, Feel free to have another opinion. I am not trying to force you into this thinking but perhaps some of you can give it a thought and give the developer some time to respond.
  10. Oke, i have bought myself the migration tool and indeed the install with this tool worked perfect. I also have the UK enhancement and although it mentions issue with the serial i believe this is properly installed also again. I have not been able to test a complete IFR flight but startup went fine. VoxATC window back in Prepar3d V3.1 and it is possible to enable and conversate with ground. So i guess it is all properly working. Will try a complete flight later when everything is configured properly again.
  11. I too am in the process of reinstalling all add'ons into P3D V3.1 VoxAtc is a must have for me. I had already deleted P3D V2.5 and was not able to install V2.5 again as the installer notes a newer version is already installed on that PC. I have read all of this thread but still unsure how to move on. Can i use buy the Estonian migration tool and install VoXATC using this tool or should i try to install P3d v2.5 on another PC and move certain files some this other PC to the V3.1 PC? Thanks for your advice in advance Fred Koch
  12. I see, but this is also where we differ then basically. I have a triple monitor setup (eyefintiy 5960x 1080) for outside display already and a secondary display to my main computer for fligthplan and some other secondary stuff. Next is a computer to run a display for captain and f/o pfd/nd and it needs probably another card for upper and lower eicas. I am getting nowhere the framerates you are showing (mind you i am still using vc). with ngx best framerate at eham (aerosoft scenery) is around 20-22 fps and with prosim 60 +. Of course this makes sense. Prosim has no cockpit to display so that is a bad comparison. I have completed the build of my mip (simworld) and base (home made mdf structure) so i am about to attach everything toghether and interface throught pokeys cards to prosim
  13. Roar, Although i have already bought the prosim licence i have no issue selling it again if i can make my home cockpit work with the ngx. But the one issue i currently see with this route that there is no ability to attach the screens to a second networked pc. So the only way to go is attaching all hardware to a single pc. Or have you been able to work around this limitation? regards Fred
  14. Hi Roar, I will give it a try this weekend (will be sunday). Is there also a combined mcp-efis script or do you want me to try the mcp only? I have a mcp v2 PP btw.
  15. Roar, I am a bit later this time with testing your excellent work. I have however moved to Prosim737 for my cockpit build so not that active anymore with the pmdg 737ngx. I do however still love to fly it now and then with fs2crew etc so i noticed this thread and downloaded the new software from your side. Here are my results. 1. I had some problems getting OC4BA to work with the new version of sioc. In the end i removed both sioc and OC4BA and started fresh install of sioc and OC4BA and now indeed it is working with sioc 4.3B2. 2. I have flown with the 1.08 scripts and, despites crankpins remark i still noticed lagging digits when turning the dials fast (as an example changing altitude from 6000 to 24000 it will often show a higher altitude but then lower it again in the display and you have to start from the lower level up to the required altitude. Same happens with heading and speed. Note that turning the dials just a bit slower overcomes this problem. (i am running all this on a overclocked (4.5 Ghz) i2600K (for what it is worth). One more remark. Prosim737 interfaces through sioc to the mcp and efis also but has no problems with lagging digits no matter how fast i try to turn the dials. Don't know if this usefull info but thought i bring it up. 3. Noticed the problem with the A/T arm button not showing green on the mcp and downloaded the 1.08b txt but how can i load two config files in sioc.ini (if i put them in sequence with two config file statements it only loads the last) this most be something missing in my understanding of sioc. Tried to read the manuals but could not find an answer to this one. Or should i merge the mcp and efis scripts? Once again thanks for all your excellent work. It was your work that started my home cockpit building experience. Regards Fred Koch
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