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Hi everyone.


Most of you are aware of our recent adoption of the HiFi Support Center ticketing system as our primary and official support mechanism, but we realize a few were a bit confused. Thanks go out to AVSIM for adjusting our forum name and description to help with things. To reiterate, the Active Sky forum here at AVSIM is now a community resource for discussion of all things Active Sky, with continued participation from HiFi developers and staff, but on an unofficial basis. This change allows us to better support our customers using official channels and ticket system features (i.e. attachments, log collection, product registration, scheduling, follow-up, organization, knowledge base, software updates, etc.), helps us avoid wasting critical resources supporting "pirate" users, improves overall process efficiency and, most importantly, helps improve our focus on new development. As a very small company with very few resources (yet very big development goals), streamlining our systems and improving efficiency is critical. Thank you for your understanding in our decision to implement the Support Center as our official system.


If you haven't yet, please take a moment to visit, register, and check out the available resources such as in-progress beta updates and the knowledge base.We look forward to serving you via the Support Center as well as occasionally participating here at the Active Sky forum on AVSIM. We have some exciting things in store, and will be sharing all the details soon.Thank you all for your continued support!


Need Help? Click Here --> Support Center

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