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Experiences with Logitech Cordless Freedom?

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Tried posting this in the hardware forum but am suffering from lack of responses. Thought I'd try here:I know I've had a CH Products Flight Yoke, the older non-USB version with 1 throttle lever, and ProPedals since 1998. The thing has sure served me well, and has outlasted me building three machines for myself. But, alas, it's starting to show its age, the movement is jerky (ie, it hangs up at times) and I think I popped a spring in it some years back because it seems to get hung if I turn it too far to the left.For a while now I've considered getting a replacement USB version with the 3 lever throttle/mixture/prop. But looking at the prices (and the fact that I can't mix the USB Yoke and Gameport Pedals), it would cost me around $300 to upgrade.I've got a coworker that's been using a Logitech Cordless Freedom 2.4 joystick, and I'll admit it's looking very sharp (and much less expensive at $56 at Amazon). Seems to offer much more precision control, and more versatility because I'll be able to use it in more than one game. But I don't want to get it at the expensive of the added realism that the yoke provides. Thoughts on this? Do many of you use joysticks vs. yokes?Thanks.Kenneth

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Kenneth,I have a yoke (Maxxon I think) and also used a M$ Sidewinder Pro for years. For Christmas my wife bought me the Logitech Cordless joystick and I find myself using it almost all the time... mostly out of laziness, I suspect. I can grab it and start flying and not have to mount the yoke (not that it's a big deal, just lazy as I said). The cat chewed through the wires on my CH pedals so I can't use them again until I do some repair (did I mention "lazy"? That was a year ago).I like the Logitech joystick. Feel and response is good. I had to disable one button as it is where my thumb rests and I was pushing it accidently when moving the joystick. My only complaint (and not much of one either) is that if you don't use it for a few minutes (on autopilot, for example) it powers down (which saves batteries... and I'm still on my original Christmas batteries). There is then a delay before you "have control of the airplane". It's only a few second delay, and as long as you are expectng it -- no problem. The first few times it caught me unprepared.Phil

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