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Luc Brusselmans

Wilco Airbus and Dx10

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morning everybody,


I took the leap of faith here and installed the DX10 mod.

So far without major problems and crisp textures... great I thought...

But just now I discovered that my airbus from wilco cannot load. I get the usual app crash and this points me in the direction of "A319IAE_feelthere.dll.


Is there anybody that has experienced the same problem?

Is it DX10? Or do I have to look in another direction to solve it? (if at all possible of course)

The Bus flew just fine last night and the only thing I have changed is the DX10 mod.


All help appreciated


Oh, and another question before I forget.

How does one "rebuild" the original shaders.

I understand that I have to copy the General10.fx.orig to General10.fx but the rebuilding part I don't get...


Luc Brusselmans


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Aaaah ... Good morning, Luc! Welcome to the club!




Assume your username on your pc is "LucB" for a moment:


So - if you look in your " C:\Users\LucB\AppData\Local\Microsoft\FSX\ " folder - there are two folders - one is "Shaders" - used by DX9, and another called "Shaders10" - used by DX10. These are the shaders cache folders.


These two are created by FSX on it's first (DX9 or DX10) startup, and their content is determined by the settings in the ShadersHLSL folder in the main root folder of FSX - "Flight Simulator X", (or whatever you happened to call the root folder).


We are changing one or two files in that main folder, and so we want FSX to recreate the cache folder. We do this by deleting that cache folder.


For the Feelthere app crash - first thing is to turn off UAC - if you still have it turned on - as permissions are the most likely cause here. However - next - I would delete/uninstall the aircraft, and its .dll, do a registry clean, then reboot the pc. Next - run FSX in DX10 mode, just the verify FSX is still "ok", and then re-install the aircraft - running the installer/setup.exe as the "Administrator" user. Installing this aircraft in DX10 mode should have no impact on this aircraft whatsoever - but I've been wrong before!


Let us know how it goes once you've done the above.





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Now that is what I would call a clear answer.

Even for a non-english spoken guy like me, I know exactly what I have to do.

It is a bit late now but I will try this first thing tomorrow.


To be honest, I never could have dreamed dx10 would give me the result I am seeing now.

Fsdreamream klax with leveld 767 gave me around 20 frames in the cockpit, now a steady 30

WITH the new textures of A. Folkert

It is a whole new ballgame I'm playing...


Luc Brusselmans


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While I am typing this you're still sleeping I guess.

But I wanted to let you know that removing the airbus and reinstalling it, did the trick.

So far no more crashes (of the program at least because of the airbus I'm not too shure).


But I still couldn't figure out what went wrong. Both the airbus and FSX were installed as administrator and UAC was put to rest from day one when I installed the OS.

The bus worked fine the day before and the only thing that I changed yesterday was the DX10 mod....



anyway, everything is working now so I am a very pleased man...


Luc Brusselmans


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Excellent! We can only guess what functions/controls are contained in the dll: some reference to DX10 probably become corrupt at some time - often during a defrag or in a CTD.


Luck is on your side!


All the Best,



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