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Q: What is LINDA?
A: Look at the information we provide you in the LINDA download thread. There you will find also the manual.
And I highly recommend also Brians beginner guide

In short words for RTFM haters:
With FSUIPC you have the possibility to run LUA scripts (LUA is a programming language). With this scripts you can make things possible, far over the abilities you have with the standard FSX functions.
LINDA is based on such scripts, but with a nice and more intuitive interface. You have also modules for several addons included, which makes using very user friendly. At least you do not need to program anything. You just could assign your joysticks and you are ready to go.
LUA also enhances the VRInsight MCP Combos with several functions. Have a look at the little Youtube Video, there you can see LINDA's cababilities.

Actual list of requirements, supported equipment and compatible addons.Requirements:

  • Registered FSUIPC ver. 4.708 or higher (get it here)
  • FSX (FS9 not supported)

Supported hardware:

  • Any generic HID devices recognized by DirectInput as joysticks (LINDA is not using DirectInput though)
  • VRinsight MCP Combo
  • VRinsight MCP Combo II (Boeing type)

Supported aircrafts and FS tools

  • PMDG 737NGX
  • PMDG JS41
  • PMDG MD11
  • Level-D 767
  • Aerosoft Airbus X
  • Aerosoft Catalina
  • Aerosoft Katana X
  • A2A B17
  • A2A Spitfire
  • A2A P40
  • A2A P51
  • CaptainSim 757
  • DA Dornier 27
  • VRS F/A-18
  • RealAir Duke Turbine
  • all Carenados ph34r.gif
  • any of default FSX aircrafts
  • RealityXP GNS/WXR
  • AivlaSoft EFB
  • A2A Accusim map controls
  • ... and many more ...

Limitations and known problems

  • Only up to 10 HID devices supported at once (do you need more?). Note that LINDA counts only devices with buttons available. Devices like rudder pedals without any buttons will not be listed.
  • LINDA doesn't allow to assign axes. Use standard FSUIPC facilities for that.
  • LINDA GUI needs to be kept running for joysticks' assignments to work inside FSX
  • LINDA GUI needs to be restarted if you plug in/out any of your HID controllers while LINDA is running.

What about FS9?

  • Presumably LINDA itself could work inside FS9 environment. But many pre-designed Lua functions will not work because they based on FSX controls and offsets list. This will cause that default FS9 aircrafts will not work properly and also VRi MCP display data sync will not work too (because it's mostly based on FSX offsets readings). So the conclusion is: LINDA DOESN'T WORK WITH FS9, sorry.

What about VRinsight M-Panel?

  • LINDA doesn't support M-Panel.

What about other hardware?

  • LINDA has a modular structure and pre-designed to support any kinds of devices. But the problem is the same as with M-Panel. I need device in my hands to teach LINDA how to deal with it.

Usage of LINDA

Q:Console window jumps on to you showing the error:[E] *** LUA Error: D:FSXModuleslinda.lua:132: attempt to index global 'lfs' (a nil value)

A:(RTFM) You should update your FSUIPC to the latest version. Get it here: http://forum.simflig...pdated-modules/

Q:Using the Vrinsight MCP.How can I toggle between EFIS knobs Mode A and Mode BI can toggle between Modes 1/2/3 but not between Mode A and B
A:Modes A/B - are modes of the particular rotary. It could by switched by pressing the rotary (only if the KNOB_MODE_toggle action is set as knob press action). Take a look on JS41 module assignments -- you will see this action set for EFIS rotaries.

Q:How do I change to another aircraft with Linda for instance, I am running ifly737, but then I load default lear jet and combo panel does not do anything, what is the process of changing aircrafts to use with Linda, also that fsx sync button that changes color do I need to do anything with that, I clicked on it but nothing appears to happen
A:Aircraft loaded inside FSX and the one is opened in GUI are not have to be the same for assignments to work.I. e. if you load default Lear45 inside FSX LINDA will load corresponding "Default FSX" module.
But at the same time you can make or browse assignments of any other module/aircraft in GUI -- that will have no influence on what is going inside FSX. Lua engine inside FSX will work with Default FSX module, no matter what module is currently opened in the LINDA GUI... hope you understand.Aircraft changing and loading of corresponding module is a fully automated process. You shouldn't do anything to make things work. And if they don't then something is wrong. Show your console output on plane change stage.
FSX sync label - is a toggle switch. When FSX is running it becomes light blue saying it's available now. Then if you click on it, FSX sync mode is on and the label becomes orange. In this mode you cannot choose aircraft by hand - selector is locked. But you can go out of FSX sync mode by clicking the label again.

Q:I have installed LINDA, got the MCP Combo ready to test, but have Serialfp installed for my M-Panel. Will it interfere with the Combo?
A:You use Linda for the MCP and serialFP2 for the Mpanel they work fine together, start Linda first and SFP2 second, SFP2 won't even be able to find the MCP if Linda is already connected to it.

Q:I downloaded an updated module: some buttons of the MCP Combo do not work anymore or some buttons of the Joysticks do not work any more!
A:When we update a module it could happen that we have to rename some function names: e.g. "B17 gear down" is then "B17 gear dn".Silly example, but in your LINDA assignments you will see still "B17 gear down". You have to reassign it to "B17 gear dn".Sorry, we try to avoid this, but sometimes it is neccessary.

Q:I "lost" my MCP configuration or I'm too lazy to assign it ...
A:If you download a module, you will find in the folder linda-cfgaircraftsyour addon aircraft some files likeconfig-mcp.luaconfig-mcp2.luaconfig-mcp.defaultconfig-mcp2.defaultthese are the assignments for your MCP. If you will get rid of your current assignments, then delete the *.lua files and rename the *.default files to *.luaYou have then the assinments from Artem or from Guenter. That does not mean that they are perfect. Just change them for your needs.

Q:I'd like to send something to the MCP displays. What functions are provided for that?
A:LINDA v1.1 display functions list:
DspSPD(int), DspHDG(int), DspALT(int) - both MCP1 and MCP2, numeric, 3 digits
DspVVS(int) - MCP2 only, numeric, 3 digits
DspSPDs(str), DspHDGs(str), DspALTs(str) , DspVVSs(str) - MCP2 only, string, 3 symbols - will display string instead of numebrs
DspFD (int) - MCP2 only, numeric, 1-on / 0-off
DspAT (int) - MCP2 only, numeric, 1-on / 0-off
DspShow(str1, str2) - both MCP1 and MCP2, 4 symbols max per line
Dsp0(str) / Dsp1(str) - both MCP1 and MCP2, 4 symbols max
DspMed1(str), DspMed2(str) - MCP2 only, string length 8 symbols max
DspLong1(str), DspLong2(str) - MCP2 only, string length 16 symbols max
DspRadioShort(str) - MCP2 only, string length 4 symbols max
DspRadioMed(str) - MCP2 only, string length 12 symbols max
DspRadioLong1(str), DspRadioLong2(str) - MCP2 only, string length 16 symbols max

Q: I'D like to start searching for LUA variables. But I don't know how to start this whole stuff?
A. Here is a nice thread, where many answers would be hopefully given:http://forum.avsim.n...rofile-request/

Q: I search for the numbers to send a keystroke via ipc.keypress
A: Have a look in your modules folder/FSUIPC Documents for the PDF FSUIPC4 for Advanced Users.pdfHere is on page 15/16 a list of the available key numbers.An example:-- CTRL + SHIFT + F11 ipc.keypress(122,11)

Q: Support for GoFlight Modules other then MCP/TQ-6?
A: LINDA does detect ONLY the generic joystick (HID) devices. FSUIPC has it's own library to work with GF devices, that's why it can work with all other GFs too.for further infos, look here

Q: I bought Addon XY. Will it work with LINDA?
A: As with every Addon, I can't guarantee that the default FSX functions do work.
Normally, the more complex an addon is, the FSX standard functions will NOT work.

Due to the FSX restriction in system depth, Addon-Developer have to make their own workarounds to make things work. This in mind you can imagine that FSX standard functions could not work.

You should always assign first a FSX standard plane with the FSx standard functions and then take your Addon and try what is not working and then assign special functions for it.

If there is no LINDA module for your addon, then nobody has created one and things will probably not work...

Q: can I use other VRInsight products parallel to LINDA (NOT with LINDA!)? (with the VRi Software)
A: Yes, of course, just be sure to start LINDA and FSX first, then the VRi Software.

Q: "How can I create an aircraft specific profile in LINDA ?"

A: Simple: first, as in the manual you should assign your FSX Standard planes completelly (not a must, but very recommended).
Reason is, FSX standard assignments are the "Main Assignments".

Example: you assign "Gear" to the Standard FSX planes.
Now you load an addon and "gear" would work for 90% as most addons use FSX gear functions.
So, you do not have to reassign gear over and over to any addon.

If you have done this start LINDA and hit "NEW" next left to the addon choosing menü on the top.
Search for your addon and press "create".

Now you can assign all functions you want and they are then addon specific.

Whatever you do, check which addon is choosen in the menü on top. Best would be to acitvate always "FSX sync" (orange)

Q: LINDA and WIN8?
A: works!
The only thing I encountered is, that WIN8 has probably a more restrictive rights management.
If you'd like to autostart LINDA with FSUIPC and that wouldn't work (and you hear probably the "windows system error ding") then click with your secondary mouse key onto LINDA.exe and set administrator rights for LINDA

Q: How can I use LINDA to see Add On LVars?
A: Have a look at this thread:



Q: what does Show A, Show B and +A, ++A, -A, --A and B on my MCP Combo assignment in the LINDA GUI mean?

A. Have a look here: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/428247-assigning-show-b-function/?p=2875196



Q: What does the Message M111 or M211 etc mean on my MCP Combo Display?

A: If you look onto your COMBO, you have three sections: EFIS, MCP and RADIO

LINDA provides you for each section with a second or third mode.

So, if you press EFIS Mode, you can assign the EFIS double or triple.


For a fast overlook, which mode is active, LINDA provides that "Mxxx"


M111 means all three parts are in mode 1.

M212 means, EFIS is in mode 2, MCP is in mode1 and RADIO is also in mode 2



Q: What is Global shif and Local Shift

A: same like this:



And how does it work?

Have a look here: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/433474-shift-mode/?p=2921791





Q: Disable Linda shift beeping sound


A: http://www.avsim.com/topic/473513-disable-linda-shift-beeping-sound/


Guenter Steiner
LINDA Lua Integrated Non-complex Device Assigning

Betatester for: A2A, Hifi, Simstarter, AivlaSoft 

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Done, thanks

Guenter Steiner
LINDA Lua Integrated Non-complex Device Assigning

Betatester for: A2A, Hifi, Simstarter, AivlaSoft 

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