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Win8 - Some FSX Advice Please

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I have been posting in another thread regarding the benefits or whatever after upgrading (fresh install) to Win 8 Pro - Now I wonder if anyone can give me some advice as to how I need to set up my scenery and add ons.


My main sceneries are within the UK, but I do have some Aerosoft stuff that is mainly Germany and France. The rest outside of Europe doesn't really matter at the moment.


I have installed the UK Mesh Dreamscapes Pro, and then have installed UTX Europe and GEX Europe v2.0


I know that there is a bit of a debate as to whether you need the the two or not, so if not let me know and I will get rid of the one that I don't need (road/rail VFR placement is more important to me than moving cars and disappearing people at airports)


Next I use UK2000 Scenery - I have the UK Airfields series - the 3 sets of DVD's, but haven't installed them yet as I prefer the UK2000 Individual airports - Which look so much better.


So now I have installed my favourite UK2000 Airports, I now have Horizon Photo Scenery volumes 1-3 that cover the UK in photo real textures that I want to install - I understand that these will take priority over any other scenery.


Now the questions:


1: With the Horizon product do I still need the mesh?


2: Is it pointless to install the UK2000 DVD's for the UK scenery if Horizon is installed - as Horizon photo should if I understand it - overide?


3:Is it still worth keeping UTX and GEX installed as I do use them for Europe but probably again have been overidden by Horizon.


4: Water Effects - I get some rather strange results using the water effects in FSX (Mid 2x etc.) when using Horizon - I get loads of light blue tiles appearing on the coast and on large rivers. I disabled the water effects within FSX and the water looks reasonable, but a lot darker than before and maybe not as realistic (however blue tiles everywhere are hardly the most rrealistic scenery)


5: UK2000 Individual airports seem to work very well with Horizon, the only two I have a problem with are Manchester International and Cardiff...any suggestions? They both seem to DOUBLE INSTALL and then fight with each other, never get the same scenery two times in a row.


Thanks guys, as usual, any help is appreciated!

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