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tip for linux users : when running out of memory

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I am running Ubuntu 12.10 64bit, with 4 MB of ram.

I upgraded my vid card from a Geforce 8800GTS 640MB to Geforce 650GTX 2GB.

The speed increase in X-plane 10 was incredible (I doubled my framerate overall while putting higher settings everywhere).


But I found that with these settings there was huge swapping happening all the time, and the sim would stall completely for several long seconds/minutes.

So I started to investigate and found this nifty program : zramswap :



Okay, I sacrifice some off my 4GB to create a virtual swap disk, but swapping from the harddrive to another partition on this same harddrive, is worse.

By times, it seemed like it never got to an end.

I did the same flight again today, and only some minor stutters happened at the same spot where I could go out and get a coffee before.


Until I free some money to add more ram, I think this will have to do.


Can someone else try and confirm this ?

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