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Playbook Routes

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I'm stuck in San Antonio for another day as our meetings were supposed to last through tomorrow morning. Don't want to bother listing earlier, so I have extra time. As we're discussing playbook routes, and I just wrote a tutorial on their use (in the same forum location as the one in my link), I was thinking of making some playbook routes for ya'll to use with the NGX, as they'd be stored in the aircraft DB in real life as well.


My only issue is that I don't have an example .RTE file. If one of you doesn't mind, send me a PM if you have one and I'll send you my email address to get the file.


From there, I can at least get started to kill some time. When I'm done, I'll release them in the AVSIM file library. And unless PMDG changes the format, they'll be available with the 777 and 744v2.


Thanks in advance for helping me with my boredom.

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