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737 Questions

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Hi Guys,


I've been considering your 737, it's looking very nice, can't wait to see how it turns out! A couple of things I wanted to know:

1. The facebook page mentions it could be multi-crew capable - does this mean we'll be able to actually fly it multiplayer with two human players type multicrew? or do you mean some kind of voice control?

2. Will there be the ability for hardware to interface with it, either FSUIPC mouse macros, Lua scripts, SDK, or anything like that? It doesn't matter how,-as long as we have A way to map our hardware then someone will make the scripts. Many people got stuck buying other classic jets like the 707 and 727 that were developed in such a way that no one can map the hardware... if the 737 can be used with hardware it will replace those for me.

3. Have you heard anything from Multi-crew-experience (MCE) if they intend to interface with it to allow voice control or not?

4. What Avionics are included? i.e. is it Vor to Vor, INS etc, weather radar etc?



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to answer your questions in order....


1) we are not yet sure how to proceed or even if it's worth it yet...


2) we intend to look at this hardware support however, as has been said previously, we cannot (and will not) support 3rd party software or hardware...


3) heard anything from who? (that's your answer)


4) i think the pics pretty much tell you what's in and what's not...

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