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Airac for runways

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I was looking for some smart topic , but couldn't find.


I really don't like when I fly on VAtsim, IVAO, ... and let's say for Venice LIPZ, in fs9 old frequency, and without DME. Offcourse it's little frustrating, checking "old fs9" frequencies with new ones.


I have RWY INFO, which has all the RWYS, in text file


I also know for AFCAD, which is amazing tool.


I have found this, and once even page of gentleman who was updating AIRAC for FS GPS. But none of theese had info for all world.


Thanks, bye


Airac for fs gps:



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Regarding airport facilities especially navaid frequencies you need to use those in your scenery. VATSIM may not be using those. AIRACs may not be the same information as the scenery details for your installed airports and also may not match what VATSIM uses.


If you are using aircraft with terminal procedures (SIDs, STARs) and runway information in your navigation instruments and they do not match VATSIM or your installed scenery then everything can get out of synchronization. This is some times the cause of off course operations.


For the airports used with VATSIM they sometimes have links to the add-on sceneries they expect you to operate with and AIRACS to match.


I am not a VATSIM member but occasionally use them for charts in certain global areas and have seen those references to specific airport scenery packages.


The download also might replace a file called magdec.bgl in FS9\scenery\Base\scenery\. This sets up the magnetic deviation database for FS9 and that affects how FS9 correlates true bearings and manetic bearings. If this gets updated it can upset some navigation instruments usually causing an almost parallel path to what should be flown. Find that file, right click on it, and check its version, modified, and created dates. Mine, with the SP1 patch is:

Monday, March 03, 2003, 20:48:23 PM

for created and modified dates.


I also notice that file you point to is for FSX. If you are using FS9 that would be incorrect because FS9 and FSX airport data including locations of airports and runways are different. In RC4, the product in my banner below, it works with both FS9 and FSX. Some users have both installed and have two versions of RC4 installed as well. Occasionally a user indicates the wrong FS version when RC's scenery database is built extracting airport data and then RC ATC sees the aircraft locations different from what it expects for the scenery runways and taxiway locations leading to errors.


Look at those things and see if anything helps.

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thanks for such a long reply.


I tought that there's no way updating default nav database.


Well rwyinfo is best solution.

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There is a utility RC uses called makerwys.exe. You do not need FSUIPC to run it. You can get it from:



You install it in your FS9 folder and run directly to completion. In your FS9 folder it will create a huge log file called runways.txt best run in word or wordpad, not notepad which is too slow.


All airport scenery data from your scenery library settings is included. Each airport section is listed starting with the lowest priority (default) scenery progressing through your add-ons at higher priority. Add-ons have two sections the first being a deletion selection followed by the airport data section. At the start of each section is the path to that scenery file.


Search it using "airport ICAO" (such as "airport KMSP"). It will locate each section and keep repeating the search until you get to the last section with airport data which is at the highest priority.


Each airport data section has runway information including length and LOC/ILS data. MakeRwys ReadMe.txt in the FS9 folder is documentation on it. Each section also has the COMs section for that scenery.


If you use this in advance of your flight you will have all of the airport data extracted from your installed scenery. You only need to run makerwys.exe when you install new scenery or modify your installed scenery to crate a new runways.txt. This utility will put several .csv files in your FS folder that you can ignore if you wish. Those are data tables used by Radar Contact and other utilities perhaps your runway info application.


Instead of using afcad which can harm newer scenery try the free airport design editor:



You can file/open direct from .bgl and browse to the correct file. For a default airport just search for it. Then do a List, COMs or Ist/navaids.


I suggest this because each data list that is open can be exported to a text file for hard copy.


It is also much safer to modify afcad type files which may contain additional scenery elements that afcad221 will not show and strip out if you save that file.

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Mister ronzie,


I really appreciate taking so much time for long reply.


It's kind of frustrating, everytime I play on vatsim, I use map and find my arrival aerodrome write down it's ILS freq, and here we are. Or I use the text file from rwyinfo.


Microsoft could do something in way so default FS could get updated, some flyers also use FS GPS for navigation! Some NDB stations are missing, bad for old military flight (MIG 21, MIG 23)


http://www.airportdesigneditor.co.uk/ , excellent!!!! great!


Thank you sir, I wish you a nice day



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