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Fix for corrupt aircraft in free flight menu and game

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Recently solved a really annoying problem I had after going through all the normal routes, flushing shader cache, etc.


After deciding to try out Kostas tweaks to FSX including CFG changes, I had the attached screen showing on the free flight screen for all aircraft, this was replicated in game.


Long story short and after following several dead ends, I discovered the problem was caused by having shader 3.0 mod installed and having reset the fsx.cfg file which removed a required line from the config file that shader 3.0 requires.


Simply uninstalling the shader 3 mod and flushing the shader cache resolved it.


As the problem was caused by a missing line from the fsx.cfg which is added in the shader 3.0 installation if one had this problem and then wanted to reinstall shader 3.0 this shouldn't cause a problem.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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