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Experimenting with X-Plane ATC system.

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Hello Everyone-


I've been tinkering with ATC.dat a bit recently, and finding funny results. It seems the file contains only USA centers with BOS and BDL local frequencies. However, when actually flying in the BDL and BOS area, only Boston Center is a usable ATC frequency.


I have a ton of data for USA ATC including individual center sectors dimensions and tracon facilities. I would like to add a bunch of data, but when I test a couple tracons i've added using the ATC.dat code, the system doesn't use the added data just like it doesn't use the default BDL and BOS data.


It seems the ATC has some pretty serious problems within itself. I wonder if a bug report would help? Its frustrating to want to make X-Plane better, but somethings wrong with the entire ATC structure.

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