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208 Carenado

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I have the 208 and it pulls to the left and I have changed the aircraft config file as Carenado said

to. Open the aircraft.cfg file and search for the [flight_tuning] section.

At the end of that sections add these lines:

p_factor_on_yaw = 0.0

torque_on_roll = 0.0

gyro_precession_on_yaw =0.0

gyro_precession_on_pitch =0.0

It still pulls to the left. I can change just the plane and the new one doesn't pull.

I have two other planes from Carenado and they fly just fine. Any one know what is wrong?

I have re installed it twice and have all the updates.

Thanks in advance

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Gotta watch those left-turning tendencies. It shouldn't be that noticeable in level flight, only in high power settings, typically on takeoff. Keep in mind these effects are also most noticeable on single engine prop aircraft; you generally won't notice it in a twin engine or jet. I agree with the post above - if you have p-factor and torque set to max, unless you know how to counteract those effects (right rudder, engine power settings), you'll always have a pull to the left.


However, if p-factor and torque are set to minimums, then you may have an entirely different issue.


Hope this helps,


Jon K.


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