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Virgin Virtual Group

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Virgin Virtual Group is now accepting applications for both pilots and staff members!


Virgin Virtual Group was opened in January of 2012 and has been going strong and steady since then. We currently have over fifty active pilots who fly on the IVAO and VATSIM networks, as well as offline pilots who complete their flights using their AI traffic.


We have many different types of ACARS support such as FSPax, FS Flight Keeper, XACARS and our very own customized ACARS system!


Our friendly staff is here to ensure that you are able to get on your way as a virtual pilot faster than any other organization.


We review and decide upon your application within eight hours, and we also allow a big number of transfer hours to our newest pilots to ensure they are able to fly bigger aircraft for bigger miles. We are known to be better at pilot relations and listening than many other virtual airlines.


With this, we encourage you to take a look at our website and potentially fill out an application. Should you complete the application, be ready to begin flying in our custom fleet and using our custom ACARS within hours, should you choose.


If this sounds like something you may be interested in, you can visit us at virginamericava.org!


You never know, you may want to join our 60+ pilots!


Thank you for your time, and we all look forward to receiving your application, meeting with you, and flying with you soon!


Virgin Virtual Group

Staff & Pilot Team

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