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Video Discussion: Serenity (FSX)

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Name: Serenity (FSX)

Category: Scenery Videos

Date Added: 21 February 2013 - 10:59 AM

Submitter: doog79

Short Description: Short FSX showcase


Best watched in 1080p HD


A little montage I put together for this beautiful soundtrack. I used the Unigine Valley Engine benchmark tool for the intro.....I think it really shows what these rather powerful FSX machines are capable of, if only someone would make a new Flight Simulator using an engine like this.Although with FSX, REX and OrbX flow technoligy we are getting there. :)


Hope you enjoy it and thanks for taking the time to watch.


REX Essentils + OD

Carenado aircraft & OrbX Scenery


Doogie :)


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