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Sound configuration file question

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Hi. Let me first start by apologising if this is in the wrong forum, but I had a look and couldn't find one relating to sounds.


My question about how individual sounds are used in a sound cfg file - I am trying to add a few extra sounds to a 747 RR sound pack I was given. While I am happy with the basics of flap and gear sounds etc, the problem I am having is with apu and air conditioning sounds (I am aware this has been discussed before but was unable to find what I needed on the forum). From looking at other sound files and with a little experimenting, I have found the GYRO_SOUND to come on whenever the plane is energised and thus I have used this for an air conditioning sound - the best I could find from various freeware packages compared with a youtube video from inside a 747 cabin before engine startup. However, I am at a loss when it comes to apu sounds. I have seen from other threads that this sound will not be heard in the cockpit, but I would like to find out how it works in the sound file first. I have seen the apu interior and exterior sound files used in various points in the the normal engine running sequence (eg jetwine/combustion) in the configuration file but do not understand how to add them to my particular sound file and how to make them come on. I have the posky 747 with Alejandro Rojas Lucenda's improved VC which I have seen to have an apu switch.


I would also like to confirm whether the loud sound normally heard when entering a plane is the external apu sound I should be hearing when the apu is turned on.


Many thanks and sorry if I am unclear,



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