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Make sure you explore the rendering options, both from the "Advanced" section of the start menus and under the various submenus of "View" when running FG! Play with the rendering and detail options, and be positively surprised by this sim!


Do you like flying gliders? I do, both in sims and in RL... Well, from my signature you can infer that I still use that great SilentWings sim, but believe me, the advanced weather system now included in FG2.10 provides an extremely rewarding soaring environment, and there are already a few very nice gliders available for download! There are options for winch launch or being towed, either flying online with other simmer towing you with his aircraft, or using an AI tug.


A mandatory site here...


More teasers at the channel of this video:




and a few screens from a flight started this morning (rainy in Lisbon) from LPPT...











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