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Morning Mustang Flight - LPPT...


I believe I have never felt tempted to take so much screen like now with FG2.10.


The water effects are great, Sun reflection, the clouds (as per the LPPT METAR everything including the gusting winds were there, but one still has to manually add turbulence through the weather menu), the autogen that gives me even if low res, the best sensation of approaching a town like Lisbon from the skies... Well, and the p51d itself, with a very nice FDM, so nice indeed that I keep testing it against my preferred p51d - the one in DCS World - and keep finding how close it performs to the DCS model!!!!


Sorry for the cross-post, but I believe some / most of you are most certainly X-Plane users too. I am, and don't get me wrong - I want X-Plane10 to get a lot better before X-Plane11 is announced! I spent my money on it, and I am finding in FG features I have long asked for in X-Plane, and I am getting it all FOR FREE!!!! I couldn't avoid posting this at the AVSIM X-Plane General Forum. I hope Austin can read it and think about this "competitor".


I'll just add that not being skilled at any sort of 3d stuff I regret not having the guts to start an aircraft project myself. The same for scenery... But I woul dream of doing a very basic but as coherent as possible GA model for FG. Something like a Beechcraft V35B, a Tampico, a Beech Baron58, ... Well, maybe one day :-)


JSBSim has a lot more to it than most think. Ron Freimuth was kind enough to have a look at the version available around 2005 (he passed away in 2006). As an expert in the internals of MSFS Ron was "excited" with the complexity and power behing JSBSim, and with the years it just got better... I know it now supports rotary wing as well, but I am unable to find an helicopter designed with JSBSim FDs (?) Could someone point me to one, other than those used in Outerra?







Flight Simulation is the Virtual Materialization of a Dream...

Uninstalling flightsims is a temptation I can never resist...



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