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Need some help tweaking a pair of ATI 6870's

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I'm going to update these cards in the future but I applied some tweaks today per the advice at http://forum.avsim.n...ith-my-hd-6950/, except that I cranked my AA sampling up to 8X to get rid of the problem that I describe below. My menus in FSX, FS2Crew windows, and PFD/ND/EICAS displays (well, all displays and lights) look out of focus, or "fat and soft". Before, my whole cockpit looked soft. If I turn everthing back off and let FSX control the GPU settings, the cockpit looks ok (not great and nowhere as good as in the pics below), but the stutters and jaggies come back. With the ATI card handling the FSX settings, it runs fast and glitch free. In the pics below, the cockpit harware and the HGS display is great. But the displays look awful. See below. Looking for some fix I haven't seen yet.




First, the old cockpit with FSX running the show. WX looks great outside, but stutters and jaggies, and cockpit details look soft.




Now, with ATI Catalyst 13.1 running the show, the hardware looks sharp mostly, but the displays are soft and out of focus:




This shot in particular shows how sharp the IP detail is now.




And at night, the displays look truly heinous... HGS and outside detail is fine, and so are the switches and knobs if I zoom right up on them.




Here is a crop of the IP at 100% res showing how nice the textures on the mechanicals look compared to the PFD's.




I'm open to suggestions. Because these are 1Gb cards, could this be part of the problem? I think something is not adjusted quite right. BTW, when uploading shots to here, they get de-rezzed slightly. The actual pic above is much sharper.


Clear skies.


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