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Terriable/Crazy Winds in Active Sky v6.5

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Hi all,


I need some major help......


I had to go back to ASv6.5 due to an issue with ASE that could not be rectified by the development team. Over the last weekend I flew about 6 flights with ASv6.5 trying to tweak it back to pre-ASE like I remember it. However, ASv6.5 has made FS unusable and un-enjoyable because of the winds aloft.


I really don't know how to describe it but I'll give it a shot......


I'll be flying along and everything is going great; the issue I was having with ASE is not there and I'm fat, dumb, and happy. Then all of the sudden I hear an engine surge and notice that my speed has dropped by like 40 knots. I also notice the winds read-out on the LDS 767 EHSI (bottom left) shows the winds jumping all over the place. While watching the winds barb, I notice that all of the sudden the winds aloft go away and then return a second later which causes my airplane to violently yaw and roll while throwing my aircraft well over speed and my throttles slam to idle. Then the cycle just keeps repeating over and over and over.


In fact, as I write this, my aircraft has done the above for the last 15 minutes.


Between this and my ASE issues over the past two weeks, I am about ready to either try REX (which I don't want to) or just hang up flight sim altogether (which obviously isn't going to happen). I'm just so tired with Active Sky (both ASE and v6.5) being unusable and making the flights un-enjoyable.


I have tired EVERY setting I can think of over this weekend and thought I had it figured out twice...

1) I was flying in off-line mode and would do a manual update before TOD. This worked great for a while. I figured the crazy winds had gone away but then all of the sudden they started again out of nowhere.

2) After #1, I stayed in the off-line mode and put the suppression ceiling to 45,000 feet. It was working fine.... for about 45 minutes that is.


I am just at my whits end at this point. I have been on google during most of the flights looking for solutions but finding none. Please help someone! I'd love to go back to ASE but that isn't possible as Damian couldn't figure out my issue with panel flicker after each station update.


Please help :(






- FS2004 (9.1) patched to 4GB

- FSUIPC 3.999 (release date: Feb. 10, 2012) -- un-registered

- Windows 7-64bit

- AMD 965 CPU @ 3.4 GHz

- 16 GB G.Skill Ripjaws RAM

- NVIDIA 9800 GTX+ @ 1GB





Look at my ground speed graph.... ridiculous :angry:

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I remember when I used AS6 I had the problem of the winds aloft starting to reduce where they shouldn't have. I have a registered version of FSUIPC with wind smoothing set very slow, so it never caused any dramatic problems with the aircraft, it just screwed up my flight planning when I was planned with a large tailwind component! If this is the same issue, I can only suggest buying FSUIPC and trying that so you don't get the dramatic shifts. As in your case, the winds aloft would eventually come back only to repeat the cycle. I also found changing levels would initiate the winds to correct as you passed in to a new layer in the FD.

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A friend of mine gave me a new direction to search last night and it basically said that this is a FS9 error fixed by a registered version of FSUIPC. I guess I didn't remember/recall the issue before with ASv6.5 since I have been using ASE and DWC for about the last year.


So I have purchased FSUIPC since everything I've researched since the tip from my friend indicates the issue will go away with FSUIPC and wind smoothing. He also linked me into the "best" settings for smoothing.






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