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  1. Is this the problem? http://www.navigraph.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=1704 Perhaps bump that thread and get Navigraph to look at it again.
  2. Please include the ability to override the automatically populated departure airport in th FMS route page! Would be of great help for airports with modified AFCADs!
  3. Oh well, the FSX users can enjoy their OOMs after a 12 hr flight in the PMDG 777 lol
  4. Well, it's good to have a free option! It's nice to have a backup option if the servers from one of the major players decide to go down just before a flight you just spent 30 minutes flight planning for...not that that would ever happen lol
  5. That's hilarious. Love the lawn dart F-18 and random Baron out for a romantic stroll on the beach.
  6. Hopefully it gets better in time and they put up this bare bones version to make their self-imposed deadline. It would be nice if some information on their intentions were posted on the site!
  7. I enabled the FSUIPC dynamic friction and the 441 now taxis like a dream. No more swaying and lurching!
  8. Thanks! I'll try the FSUIPC friction settings first since I've already paid for it!
  9. I'm really enjoying the airplane so far! It flies like a dream; however, my only complaint is taxiing is a major pain in my rear end! Oh, and I wasn't exactly following procedures on a quick flight, but on shut down my right engine blew up and wouldn't stop spinning 'til I turned off the battery. This was accompanied by a strage clicking noise, but no fire warning. Not sure what I did--but I guess I should follow the checklist. :-p
  10. Hi Joe, Just bought the plane yesterday. Very nice! Do you have any rule of thumb torque settings for various phases of an approach?
  11. As soon as it gets the GTN and on Simmarket, I'm buying!
  12. I'm also waiting for the Simmarket release. I wonder what's taking so long?
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