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Hi guys,


Just wondering if you can answer a few problems Im having...


When flying the PMDG 737NGX on Vatsim, how come when someone flys in or even Taxiing, none of there lights are working??


The only way I can get this to happen is if I turn mine on, theres come on too..


My question is why does my Aircraft have to control other plains on Vatsim to operate there lights?


I was flying an airbus and didn't even see this PMDGNGX at night taxiing because it had no lights on but i did an exercise and when I changed Aircraft to the PMDG NGX and turned mine on theres came on...


I just think its stupid that this is happening...


can anyone shed some light on why this is happening and I have only noticed it happening and I don't know when it started as I never took any notice..


Can I only be the one to fly this as my system can handle 10 of these on the ground and I want the eye candy to go with it but my plain seems to be the Controller of there Lighting and even Doors..




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The NGX isn't supposed to be an AI model.  If you've set it up as one, you should use a simpler, default model that was intended to be an AI model.


This is not a bug or a problem, rather it's the user not using the aircraft as it should be.

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