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FC3 for owners of FC 1.1...

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I am really so satisfied with this platform that I might consider FC3, but I only have the FC 1.1 installer available for download at the original LOMAC site, and I no longer have the LOMAC disks :-(


Does anyone know if I can still install FC3, having just the FC 1.1 installer?


Thx for any answer :-)

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Well, problem solved.


I finally undestood why ED could not make it differently and requires LOMAC to be installed. Anyway, I found my way around this short glitch, and will soon install FC3 on DCS World :-)


This also closes a cycle of diversions around many offers including XP10, LM P3D, Aerofly FS, MS FLIGHT, allways coming back & forth sometimes, but, since I first tried the DCS World P51d, allways returning to that sim to feel relieved from the strange reactions that aircraft models presented under sometimes very simple flight attitudes / situations, so far from RL. In DCS World I allways find accuracy, consistency, quality and immersion.


Yes it's a combat platform, and I do not like air combat (well, this is changing...), but heck! I am the type of simmer who does not care about details being given to aspects of the simulation in detriment for precise and satisfactory flight and overall physics and systems modelling - that is what I look for in the very 1st place, and DCS World gives it to me!


Yesterday's experiments with the new beta UH-1H were simply unreal! I wouldn't believe it if I was not given the chance to try it myself and see / feel the accuracy of this rotary wing model. It's so damn realistic and immersive, together with the overall DCS World environment and other aircraft, and there is so much to learn about it, the a10c, the ka-50 and the p51d, plus the new models I will soon get with FC3 that my spare time will be more than filled by it :-)


As HiFlyer forecasted so well, DCS is my sim, and actualy the only I can feel "at home" with, and don't having to worry about this or that aspects (sometimes so basic) splash into my face because, DCS does it all so well!!!!!

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